Must Anthurium interior

L’anthurium requires some care, especially when we know that this plant to’tropical origin sometimes has trouble s’adapt to’inside our homes and apartments.

But the culture of’indoor anthurium remains entirely possible provided you follow a few rules here are the valuable advice.

Or installing the anthurium?


L’anthurium calls lots of light but n’no need to direct sunlight.
Excessive sun exposure can quickly dry the plant needs’some moisture to bloom and grow.

So choose from’set up near’a window that lets maximum light but avoid that’it is subjected to sunlight.


The temperature’a house or’an apartment is ideal because it must be understood 18 and 21 ° throughout’year.
From May-September, you can leave the plant without any problems but n’feel free to come home if the nights are cool.


The only thing that’an anthurium may not tolerate c’is’dry air in our homes.

In winter, during heating, the’air is less humid and then it is important to regular spraying of’water on the foliage.

You can also put the pot on a bed of pebbles, beads’always wet clay or gravel, c’is good for the plant.

Regular maintenance of’anthurium.

Watering of’Anthurium:

  • In spring and summer

It must be steady but moderate, l’ideally d’watering when the soil is dry on the surface.
N’wait too long, especially when’it's hot, because the plant could suffer.

If’Tap water in your limestone region, choose a water source or any reap the’rainwater for watering.
Prefer warm water rather than too cold because the temperature difference can cause significant stress for’anthurium.

  • At’autumn and winter

Reduce slightly waterings during the dormancy period.
Wait until the soil is dry for a few centimeters to water again, and with water at room temperature.

You will take the’Watering in the spring when the plant regain growth.

Repotting of’Anthurium:

This operation is required if you want even anthurium bloom again your.
We can consider that’the the more the plant will be aged, the minus the annual repotting becomes necessary and it will be possible to repot every 2 or 3 years.

  • Once every 2 years at most, repot your anthurium in spring.

When repotting, choose a pot’a larger diameter, but not too big and make sure that the bottom is perforated.

L’would be ideal’install the pot bottom, a layer of beads’clay or gravel, 2 or 3 cm, to be sure that the roots do not stagnate in’water and facilitate drainage.


No size n’is necessary but remove spent flowers as you go.


To’have a beautiful bloom, bring the’liquid fertilizer after the break every 15 days.

Must Anthurium interior

Make the flower again’Anthurium:

By following these tips, you optimize the culture of’anthurium and should to bloom again’year by year.

If the indoor flowering period is always located around’summer, it can bloom throughout the’year by optimizing all of the above culture and’maintenance.

Optimal condition, lifetime your anthurium can s’be extremely long.

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