Anti efficient and bio ants

Although little harmful to plants or for’Man, ants quickly become invasive when’they decided to s’set up ...

Some effective means exist to fight against these small insects.

Given the low damage that’they cause, it is highly advisable’use of bio fight means.

Acting in the house, what Ant?

  • Install lemon slices near the anthill.
    L’odor and’acidity of the fruit hamper them and make them flee.
  • Use the juice’1 or 2 lemons that’poured on their most frequent route.
  • The coffee grounds are also an effective bulwark that’they are careful not to cross
  • Ants do crossing never a line to’Using’chalk.

The ants have a tendency to faithfully keep their pathway in a house, it is advisable to draw them to the’outside with products that’they particularly like, such as honey, jam, etc ...

Intervene in the garden against ants:

  • Same as for the house, the lemon is very effective.
    If they invade a tree, form a ring around the trunk with slices of’a lemon.
  • Plant mint in the most crowded places.
    They hate the’smell that s’it emerges and tend to s’away from it.
  • Also the tansy plant, such as lavender or eyelets of’India.
    These plants also have a repellency against ants.
  • Finally, if you want to act quickly, buy anti hyper efficient ants

Malignant Council about Ant:

The fight against the ants in the garden allows against aphids.
Indeed, they attract through the elements that’they secrete.
Avoiding the proliferation of ants, so you avoid the aphids.

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