Ananas comosus grow pineapple at home

L’comosus Pineapple is a plant offering a nice foliage but gives surtotu the well-known fruit of the same name,’pineapple.

Originally from Brazil, one can very well grow a pineapple at home by following these tips culture.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Ananas comosus
Family : Bromeliads
Type : House plant’inside

: 30 to 40 cm in inside
Exposure Very light avoiding direct sun

: Evergreen
Flowering : End of’winter or summer

Planting, potting the’Pineapple comosus:

L’comosus Pineapple is a plant that needs’a rich, well-drained soil to grow. Special soil bromeliads s’proves to be a better solution for’comosus pineapples.

  • L’comosus pineapples growing very few roots, c’Therefore, a small-diameter pot (15 cm) is enough.
  • It only when repotted’is desired to separate releases
  • L’comosus pineapples needs’well-drained substrate, c’Therefore the’contribution of’some sand can be more
  • The roots of’comosus Pineapple fear the excess’water.
  • Veilliez that the pot is well drilled at the bottom

The right location for its pineapples:

L’comosus pineapples needs’a temperature between 18 and 24 ° which must never fall below 15 °

  • He fears the sun when’they arrive directly to the’comosus Pineapple
    It therefore needs a good light but no direct sun
  • Absolutely avoid the proximity’a heat source such as a radiator because of this plant’tropical origin needs’humidity.

L’Pineapple comosus also needs’a good rate’humidity.

  • In winter, put the pot on a bed of beads’clay or gravel constantly in’water without the pot is in contact with the’water.
  • L’Evaporation allows the’pineapple enjoy the’humidity’air.

Watering and fertilizer for a pineapple:

Regular but moderate watering is necessary because the’comosus pineapples calls not much’water.

Watering’a pineapple in spring and summer:

Hold the moist soil and bring the’liquid fertilizer for plants green every 15 days.

  • Water ideally with water at room temperature and the least limestone.

Watering’a pineapple to’autumn and winter:

Reduce the’spray so as to wait for the soil is dry on the surface between 2 waterings.

Also reduce the’contribution of’fertilizer to 1 time per month.

Diseases and common problems in a pineapple:

Grown indoors, there are major of plant diseases’inside such as:

  • l’red spider,  there cochineal, the aphids but also’powdery mildew

If leaves fade or tarnish c’is that’there is lack of light.

If s leaves’collapse, c’is that’air is too dry or too hot. Restore the’moisture on foliage, why not misting of’water on the leaves.

If the plant does not grow much and that’pineapples do not grow, c’is probably related to a lack of’fertilizer.

Malignant Council about the’Pineapple comosus:

Beware of currents’air,’Pineapple much fear that the sudden changes in temperature.

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