Altha beautiful hibiscus

L’althea, that’also called purple hibiscus tree is a very ornamental shrub.

L’maintenance, planting to flowering through the’watering and size, easy and will give you beautiful flowers to your Althéas.

Name Hibiscus syriacus
Family : Malvaceae
Type : Shrub

: 1 to 4 m
Exposure : Sunny and part shade
Foliage : Deciduous
Flowering : July to November

Plantation of’althea:

Althea pot:

Throughout the’year,’shrub should be planted in special soil flowering plants, planting or universal.

  • Repotting in spring and every 2 years at most in a slightly larger diameter pot.

Althea in the ground :

Prefer a plantation in the fall, or spring if’shrub is sold in a pot or container.

  • Prefer a sheltered from the wind and especially sunny.
  • Follow our tips planting shrubs.

Multiplication of’althea:

The Propagation is easy to achieve spring with at’althea.

You can also just put the stems in spring cut directly into a vase of’water and plant them as soon as the’appearance of some roots.


The early spring, to February-March, we must cut the’althea.

The althea flowers on shoots of the current year so you can each year.

Avoid the other hand pruning too late in the season, the risk of’alter flowering.

  • Delete any twigs that grow toward’inside to give light at the’shrub.
  • Cut of’about 2/3 the remaining stems just above d’a bud facing the’outside.

Namely on’althea:

Altha beautiful hibiscus L’althea, that’also known as Rose of Sharon, is certainly’one of the most beautiful flowering shrubs for a garden but also a terrace or balcony.

Although this shrub prefers the heat, some species such as’Hibiscus rosa or syriacus s’perfectly adapted to more temperate climates.

The many species that’it includes are so many colors and shapes, each more beautiful than the other.

In hedge, in solid or isolated, the’althea delight you with its beautiful flowers.

Flowering is also generous and renewed continually from July to October and November when the weather is mild.

Malignant Council about the’althea:

A veil’winter is recommended as early as November if you fear frost!