Amaryllis after bloom, what to do

L’Amaryllis is a beautiful plant to’interior capable of s’adapt outdoors when the weather is relatively warm.

L’Amaryllis, after flowering, can bloom again d’year on year’autredans your home as long as you follow certain rules ...

In the ground or inside, find all advice on’amaryllis

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My amaryllis flowers fade, why?

L’amaryllis between slowly during so-called dormant.

She gave a lot to offer these beautiful flowers and now need that’we watch over him until’the next flowering during’next winter.

Make an amaryllis bloom again:

In spring, the end of flowering:

  1. Keep water regularly but start reduce the number of’Watering by providing highly diluted liquid fertilizer (about 2 times more diluted than prescribed on’wrapping) every 15 days.
  2. When the leaves begin to yellow, gradually decrease the’watering and’fertilizer intake for’stop completely after 15 days.
  3. When the last flower has faded, cut the stem to about 3 cm above the bulb.
  4. Place the pot in a place sheltered from direct sunlight so that its last leaves are completely dry.

At’autumn bloom again to make:

  1. Between October to March, reinstall it in place so that’it kind of its dormancy.
  2. Remove maximum of’former soil surface without damaging the roots, and then replace it with the new.
  3. Take a Regular watering (At least once a week and as soon as the soil is dry) and bring it to the’fertilizer two times a month.
  4. It will start to push and normally offer you new and sumptuous flowers a few weeks later!
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