Garlic growing tips

L’Garlic is a perennial vegetable plant in the garden a must.

These are bulbs that’is used in cooking, famous for its taste and culinary qualities.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Allium Sativum
Family : Allium

Type: Perennial bulbous

Height: 30 to 100 cm
Climate: Tempered

Exhibition: Sunny

Plantation of’garlic:

Above all, prefer the’purchase’Garlic certified free of nematodes and viral infection.

Planting period of’garlic:

Best to plant cloves (small bulbs side) to’autumn If your soil is well drained, otherwise, wait Spring.

  1. For regions mild climate you can even begin to plant your bulbs from January-February.
  2. For regions to more rigorous climate,’white garlic crashes in’fall,
  3. For areas with a mild climate,’purple garlic crashes in’fall.

Planting period of’pink garlic:

L’pink garlic crashes in winter for mild climates and early spring elsewhere.

C’is a so-called early variety that is harvested in the spring.

Although the plant’garlic:

Choose bulbs lying on’outside rather than those of’inside because they are bigger and more rustic.

  • Arrange each clove a few inches deep, the tip (germ) above.
  • Space the bulbs of about 10 inches to allow them room to grow.
  • Cover then d’light soil and water regularly.
  • L’Garlic needs a lot of sunshine.

Watch Out! L’Garlic n’not like too wet, if that is the case, mix your soil with sand

Maintenance of’garlic:

L’Garlic is very demanding and requires virtually no care throughout the culture. But some gestures allow you to’have a better harvest.

  • Watering in the summer when’it is hot or in case of drought
  • L’garlic hates’excess’water so never drown bulbs
  • Hoeing and weeding in as

Harvest of’garlic:

The lifting occurs approximately one month after planting.

Before harvesting the’garlic, consider tying the stems begin to yellow so as to stop their development and promote the concentration of the sap in the head’garlic.

  • Harvesting is done in the summer, usually in June-July
  • Before storing the’garlic, let it dry a few days in the sun.
  • Then clean it and store it in a dry, airy and quite cool.

When the bulbs reach a respectable size and seem well trained (in June / July depending on the variety), c’is the time to harvest your garlic!

Note also that’it is possible to harvest the’garlic green in the spring (usually during May) and eat as well as the bulbs than the leaves.

Vegetables to associate with’garlic:

L’LOVE garlic the company's beet, there chamomile, there carrot, the celery, the strawberry, there lettuce, the leeks and tomatoes

L’Garlic Redoute proximity asparagus, of cabbage, of beans, of beans and polka dot

Namely on’garlic:

Garlic growing tipsOriginating’Central Asia,’Garlic is a condiment with long flat leaves from the foot and gives slightly pinkish white flowers.

On the’used for centuries to flavor dishes, and this, in most countries of the world.

Indeed, it is widely used in cooking to bring some dishes and is known for its antiseptic, stimulating and aphrodisiac same, just that ...!

L’Garlic belongs to the same family as the’shallot, the leek and that’onion

Benefits and virtues of’garlic:

L’Garlic has many medicinal properties and is used for a long time to fight many ailments.

Indeed, it is both invigorating and antiseptic, helps fight against the’hypertension or rheumatism.

It also has benefits in the fight against certain diseases in the garden as the peach leaf curl, whether in plantations or decoction’garlic.

Malignant Council about the’garlic:

In the spring, remove weeds around’garlic, because it tolerates evil.