Whitefly Pest and bio treatment

L’whitefly, that’also called white fly, is a tiny insect that’can be found in all plants and in particular:

l’hibiscus, geranium, celandine, fuchsia and some garden vegetables such as tomatoes.

After forming a large colony under the leaves, these insects suck the sap and causing dieback. This also makes them sticky leaves and causes sooty mold formation.

A large invasion can threaten the life of the plant.

Conditions for the development of’Whitefly:

Greenhouse cultivation and high temperatures are the main causes of’intrusion of’whiteflies on the plant.

How to fight against the’whitefly?

Traditional means such as insecticides or anti-aphid can be effective even if’they n’acting on its adult form, not the eggs.
In this case, process for 2 to 3 weeks to 3 days’interval.
Watch Out! These products are often harmful to the’air you breathe.

Organic treatments against the’Whitefly:

  • Place traps whiteflies. Garden you will find a sticky solution that’you just have to’applying on a yellow surface color because this attracts.
  • Some predatory insects can help eliminate them. C’is the case of’ Encarsia Formosa, a small wasp that lays its eggs in’inside hoppers or Macrolophus caliginosus, a green tack which nourishes these parasites.
  • Not to be used in’inside’a house.
  • You can finally insecticidal soap spray permethrin. This solution has proven some efficacité.Dans all cases, isolate infected patients in a cool, because they need heat to grow.

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