Alchmille, grass Women

L’lady's mantle, that’Grass also called for women is a pretty perennial summer flowering.

Easy to grow, c’is its foliage is mostly very interesting, especially for its medicinal and aromatic properties!

In short, that’you should know:

Name: Alchemilla
Family: Rosaceae
Type: Perennial

Height: 10 to 50 cm
Exhibition: Partial shade, sunny
Soil: Rather cool

Foliage: Obsolete
Flowering: May-September

Plantation of’lady's mantle:

Preferably in the spring.

L’Alchemilla thrives in any soil but prefers rather cool.

  • For this, a simple Mulching foot the plant will suffice him.
  • Multiplication division of the tuft at the end of’winter.

Size, maintenance of’lady's mantle:

  • No size n’is necessary.
    If your plant is growing very rapidly, it may be useful to prune in the fall.
  • Remove faded flowers to as to favor the recovery of’fall.
    This also prevents the plant will reseed alone and become invasive.

Namely on’lady's mantle:

L’Lady's mantle, that’also called the’grass women for the many virtues that’it is assigned to the health of Dames, in the Middle Ages was a key component in many magical potions all over each other!

As beautiful flower that’outside flowering, c’is a plant that is well suited to the borders but to perennial beds.

As main varieties include the’Alchemilla molllis and’Alchemilla erythropoda.

Using the’lady's mantle:

  • Skin Lotion: Can boil 50 g of dried plant for 1 liter’water for a skin lotion.
    This potion quiet especially small inflammations, the’acne scars or benign.
  • Infusion: you can also use the dry plant infusion during painful periods or circulation problems.
  • Herb : L’Alchemilla finely cut goes well with salads.

Council for malignant’lady's mantle:

To dry the plant, it must suspend bouquet in a ventilated room.