Albizia a beautiful tree flowers

L’albizia is well known for its beautiful summer bloom.

L’Maintenance and size are all gestures involved in the beautiful flowering and growth to the’albizia.

Name Albizia julibrissin
Family : Legumes
Type : Tree

: 6-12 m
Exposure : Sunlight
Ground : Ordinary

: Void
Flowering : July-August

Plantation of’albizia:

Regardless, we plant the’albzia to’fall or spring preferably in a place sheltered. A plantation in’Autumn promotes’roots and therefore the recovery, but only if the mild winter climate allows.

In colder regions, prefer spring planting and a sheltered place windy and sunny as it naturally prefers temperate climates.

L’albizia resists zero temperatures of up to -5 °.

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Size and Care’albizia:

L’albizia is a tree easy because it requires virtually no care.

  • C’is leaving his antlers develop that’it will be the most beautiful.
    It naturally takes shaped umbrella that’it is best not to antagonize.
  • Remove releases regularly, are the shoots that grow at the foot of’shaft.

If you need reduce or balance the antlers.

  • Wait until flowering
  • Try to maintain its port umbrella.

Promote flowering of’albizia:

To improve the flowering’albizia you can bring the’granulated fertilizer for trees and flowering shrubs in spring.

  • Scrape the soil surface a few centimeters around the trunk
  • Bury few handles’fertilizer for flowering trees and shrubs
  • Cover with earth
  • Water
  • The rain will do the rest by leaching gradually the’fertilizer granules

Namely on’albizia:

Red flowers with pink stamens aigrette are particularly striking and elegant.
The foliage and flowering give an impression of lightness.

Also nicknamed why this silk tree tree.
On the’also calls acacia or mimosa Constantinople.

Its beauty justifies’is planted in an isolated place to enjoy all its attractions.

Malignant Council about the’albizia:

Plant the’albizia sunlight because it loves heat and flower will be even more beautiful!