Acroclinium beautiful flowers in Sches

L’acroclinium is a nice little annual that blooms from the’summer and up’to frost offering beautiful pink inflorescences yellow heart.

Very easy to succeed, it has more the’advantage of perfect stand bouquet of dried flowers and decorate our homes and the’winter.

Here are all about the culture of’ acrolinium ...

In short, that’you should know:

Name: Helipterum roseum
Family: Asteraceae
Type: Annual

Height: 30 to 50 cm depending on the species
Exposure: Sunny
Soil: Rather light and well drained

Flowers: Summer to’autumn


In the spring, from the middle of March for mild climates and from’April in northern areas

  • Choose sunny place but not hot.

In summer you can also plant your acrocliniums purchased bucket, but the simplest and most common technique is sowing.

  • After sowing, water regularly to keep the soil slightly moist
  • Once the seedlings well you can lighten up to aerate your young plants. This is to remove the most fragile and too tight plants

As for’aster, ordinary garden soil mixed with compost is ideal because the soil must be well drained

  • Avoid heavy ground too compact that maintain’humidity at the expense of the plant.
  • To make a nice ground cover, allow about 8-9 feet per m2.

Maintenance, size of’acroclinium:

Easily grown, the’acroclinium requires very¬†little’maintenance.

We can if desired remove spent flowers to stimulate’emergence of new flowers, but this gesture n’is not essential.

L’acroclinium from freezing and regrowth of’year on year’other than in areas with mild winters. Thus, spontaneous seedlings are not so rare and reappears in spring flowers during missing’winter.

Namely on’acroclinium:

Border plant, solid or rock, the’acroclinium is dramatically from spring to’autumn with its generous flowering and which is constantly renewed.

Annual easy, there are a large number of’species and varieties that offer superb inflorescences pink and yellow tone.

Also called immortal rose, it takes its name from the fact that’she is perfect in dried flower because it keeps its decorative aspet throughout the’winter.

Finally, we note that’acroclinium is’one of the easiest flowers to grow but also among the flowering from spring to’fall.

Malignant Council about acrocliniums:

L’acroclinium dread the summer heat which often causes the’appearance’powdery mildew.

For regions with very hot summer prefer partially shady corners.