Dune green purchasing criteria taken into account

For those lucky enough to own a garden, you may dream of being able to offer you one day a greenhouse garden.

Well-on for any plant lover c’is the dream that’caress.

While some greenhouses not coutes dearest 200, 300 or 400 euros, d’others can blithely exceed 5,000 euros.

Take the time to choose your greenhouse before’purchase!

The area required for a greenhouse:

Be sure to’have the necessary area for your greenhouse because many of person buys a greenhouse for s’see then that’it is too large for the space they have.

  • Also make sure that you also have place for’assembly your greenhouse.
  • You must be easy to turn around the greenhouse.
  • Finally Avoid placing the greenhouse in a wall corner or along’a wall because in case of breakage’a tile, you need to access for replacement.

The correct exposure for a greenhouse:

Dune green purchasing criteria taken into accountThe best exposure for a garden greenhouse is generally South, Southeast and to’sheltered from strong winds.

L’summer, if it's hot you can always the shade’interior with little curtains specially designed for that.

In possible Avoid placing your greenhouse under trees which could drop branches on your greenhouse and so breaking the tiles.

If a tile breakage and that’a gust of wind comes to s’step into the greenhouse, c’is the greenhouse that could fly and structures will bend.

  • Exposure to high winds could damage your greenhouse especially in stormy weather.
  • Wind resistance is such that the greenhouse n’will not survive.

Works prior to’installation’a greenhouse:

He n’is not required, but highly recommended to make some small works’installation before setting up your greenhouse.

These little work should focus on’installation’a arrival’water and’electricity.

  • Bury the electrical cables and hoses’water in compliance with safety standards especially regarding the transition from’electricity.
  • Made route electrical cables sheathed specially provided for this purpose.
  • At’inside your greenhouse prefer taken and sealed switches.

Some greenhouse manufacturers offer the possibility to anchor the greenhouse floor sealing it with concrete, it is highly recommended.

  • Prefer the concrete type HR (High Resistance).
  • Do not be looking at the amount of concrete because the more your greenhouse will be well anchored to the ground and the better it will be able to not s’fly in severe gale.

N a greenhouse’is not overly heavy because its structure is aluminum and the tiles are fairly purposes of’about 3 to 4 mm’thickness.

  • So you have to compensate for this lack of weight with a good ground anchorage.

Invasive plants in a greenhouse:

If you grow plants that are tendencies to take significantly, your greenhouse can quickly s’be too small.

As an’example, a green lemon (lime Tahiti) which was only 60 cm in 2007, four years after measuring more than 2.50m high and 2m wide.

  • In summary, if your budget allows you and if you have room then n’Please provide great
  • Who can do more can do less ...

Surface of the greenhouse, building permits and legislation:

Attention to the surface of your greenhouse because if’it s’sticks to the legislation on the code of the’urban planning, beyond surface 20m2 we must make a request permission with your local council.

  • When the surface of the greenhouse is between 2 and 20 m2, a single statement enough.

Also be sure to place your greenhouse in meeting the standards minimum distances between the boundary of your property with your neighbor and your greenhouse.

  • Usually a minimum of 3 m distance is required between the close of your neighbor and your greenhouse.

Door and ventilate the greenhouse:

Make sure that the greenhouse has doors, Any sliding as a swinging door may slam shut by a gust of wind and break a tile.

Also choose a model containing greenhouse opportunities’ventilation such as skylights or blinds.

  • The number of windows’Aeration may vary depending on the chosen length of the greenhouse.
  • Some greenhouse models can be optional or additional skylights jealousy.
  • Check with your dealer or manufacturer.

The choice of glass for a greenhouse:

Some greenhouses manufacturers offer different choices for the glazing of the greenhouse which can affect the price of your greenhouse.

Horticultural glass types:

The most commonly proposed glazing is the horticultural glass types which is nothing less than the conventional single glass of 3 to 4 mm’thickness.

  • This type of glass is easily available at the cut in all DIY stores
  • Practical when a tile is replaced

Tempered or safety glass:

Another glass is also proposed, it s’is tempered glass, much resistant the classical horticultural glass.

It is said that this glass is five times stronger than standard horticultural glass.

  • It is more resistant to thermal shocks, weather and scratches
  • However, it is more expensive and not always available everywhere
  • This glass is stronger than conventional glass when it breaks and falls into pieces just like a car windscreen, it falls to pieces.


Another form of glazing is also available, c’is polycarbonate.

He s’is d’a plastic sheet d’variable thickness, generally 1.5 to 1.6 cm’whose thickness’interior honeycomb, making it therefore a very good insulator.

  • This material supports higher weight than glass (useful in case of heavy snowfall).
  • It is also very light and will be less convenient for windy exhibitions.

Mounting aid your greenhouse:

a greenhouse is a real game mechanic but avoid mistakes during assembly it is recommended to follow the following tips:

If you choose to up your greenhouse yourself attention levels because if the levels are not correct, then you will have many difficulties to put the glass in place.

  • Ensures that all levels are respected and that, from the base of the greenhouse.
  • C’is indeed the basis that will decide everything remains the levels must imperatively respected beings from the beginning of the assembly.

Choice of hardware and connectors:

Some greenhouse models are assembled with bolts and stainless steel nuts and well on that offer much better resistance as steel can be tightened and it does not rust.

D’Other greenhouse models are assembled with hardware aluminum, l’aluminum is a soft metal can not overtighten otherwise there is a risk of breaking the bolt and therefore less resistance.

  • Stainless steel screws slightly increases the price of the greenhouse but in the end we see the difference in especially wind resistance.

Choice of raw material for a greenhouse:

Dune green purchasing criteria taken into accountAlthough most of the greenhouses offered for sale to the individual is largely designed with aluminum structures, there are also recently greenhouses with wooden structures.

Wood is a heavier material, the greenhouse will be better able to withstand strong winds although this n’not prohibit the’anchoring to the ground by concrete.

The wood used is quite planned for weather resistant and undergoes the necessary treatment for that’it can not rot over time.

  • Nothing prevents you to cover with’a coat of stain or varnish
  • A wooden greenhouse is much more expensive than the same aluminum greenhouse