Aechma a beautiful girl with pastels

As original, colorful and exotic as his cousins, the’Aechmea is a plant of’within the large family of beautiful bromeliads.

Originating’Central and South America, we appreciate its variegated foliage and beautiful pastel red bloom.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Aechmea
Family : Bromeliads
Type : House plant’inside

: 30 to 50 cm in inside
Exposure : Bright but not direct sunlight

: Evergreen
Flowering : End of’winter or summer

Planting, potting d’a Aechmea:

L’Aechmea, like all bromeliads, is a plant that needs’a rich and well-drained soil to grow.

Special soil bromeliads s’turns out to be the best solution but it can also choose a soil for flowering plants and have a good bed to the bottom drain.

  • The Aechmea a few roots, c’Therefore, a pot of small diameter (about 10 cm) is enough.
  • It only when repotted’is desired to separate releases

Repotting of Aechmea:

If you want to repot your Aechmea, wait until flowering.

  • The roots of Aechmea fear the excess’water.
    Veilliez that the new pot is well drilled at the bottom.
    Improve drainage putting the pot bottom a bed of gravel or beads’clay to facilitate’Flow of’water.
  • A loam Special green plants is required, ideally Special bromeliads.
    The plant, when’she lives in’Inside, needs soil because only bring him the nutrients it needs.
  • Humidity, small but steady is necessary while misting the foliage regularly.
    We must put the pot on a gravel, pebbles or beads’constantly wet clay.

Mesh place for a Aechmea:

The best place to install your Aechmea is a place where n’there was no ray of sunshine direct.

  • He fears the sun when’they arrive directly to your Aechmea
    It therefore needs a good light but not direct sun
  • Absolutely avoid the proximity’a heat source such as a radiator because of this plant’tropical origin needs’humidity.
  • East or west exposure is often the’ideal for Aechmea
  • The Aechmea hate currents’air.

The Aechmea needs’a temperature between 18 and 24 ° but must never fall below 13 °

The temperature’a house or’an apartment is ideal for growing your Aechmea.

Watering and supply of Aechmea’Fertilizer:

A moderate but regular watering is necessary because the claims do Aechmea not much’water.

Aechmea in spring and summer:

Hold the soil barely moist and ensure that’Flow of’water is done properly.

Bring the’fertilizer Special orchids all months to prolong flowering maximum.

  • 1 watering per week is often necessary
  • Complete the heart rosette 1 time per month with the’non limestone and water at room temperature
  • Bassinez regularly with the foliage of the’water at room t

In order to keep some moisture it is best to place the pot over balls’clay or stones with the’water at the bottom. L’evaporation allows recreates the conditions of their natural environment without having to water them.

Aechmea to’autumn and winter:

Reduce’spray so as to wait for the soil is dry between 2 waterings.

  • 1 watering every 15 days is enough
  • Stop any contribution of’fertilizer
  • If’air in your home is dry, continue to bathe time foliage time

Frequent diseases in Aechmea:

Found mainly common diseases of plants’Inside,’red spider,  there cochineal, the aphids but also’powdery mildew

  • If the leaves are fading, c’is probably a lack of’fertilizer.
  • If the lower leaves turn brown or yellow, c’is probably an excess’watering.

Malignant Council on the Aechmea:

Wonderful plant to’Inside, the Aechmea is native to tropical forests and the many fears’too dry air in our homes.

For regular misting or placing the pot plant on a bed of wet ball you recreate conditions’moisture from its natural environment.

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