Acacia dealbata the winter mimosa

L’Acacia dealbata, well known under the name of mimosa’winter adorns our gardens’a beautiful yellow flowers of’gold from January to March depending on the climate.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Acacia dealbata
Family : Mimosaceae
Type: Tree

: 4 to 10 m
Exposure : Sunlight
Ground : Well drained, sandy

Foliage : Evergreen
: January to March

Plantation of’Acacia dealbata:

L’Acacia dealbata crashes either at spring or to’autumn in a sunny location and conveniently sheltered from the wind. Note however that’Acacia dealbata tolerate slightly windy locations.

L’Acacia dealbata so love rather sunny and sheltered areas but especially the well-drained soil.

  • L’Acacia dealbata should do that’the Mediterranean region or bordering the’Atlantic Ocean
  • You will avoid heavy, clay soils.
  • Limestone soil, prefer a grafted mimosa s’best fit for this type of soil
  • Follow us planting tips.
  • Multiplication by mimosa cuttings in summer.

If you choose’Acacia dealbata pot for balcony or terrace, its fragrance will embalm the place once we’first flowers appear.

In areas with harsh winters, prefer a plantation of’Acacia dealbata pot in order to get the l’winter

Acacia dealbata in winter:

L’Acacia dealbata may withstand freezes when’it is moderate (-5 ° maximum) but especially when’it lasts pas too long.

For mimosa pot, its frost-resistant is less important, return it to the’protected from frost, in a cool room during’Winter s’it freezes in your area.

  • One can also use a veil’Wintering which allows’wrap the branches from the first genlées mimosa and protects from frost
  • Also, protect the foot with a good mulch of dried leaves

In the ground and s’he strongly freezes in your area, keep the tree by following our plant protection tips against cold.

Size, maintenance of’Acacia dealbata:

The size of the’Acacia dealbata s’performs after flowering because if you cut your tree in winter you n’have no flower.

  • Cut stems lightly with flowers.
  • From their appearance delete releases that grow directly on the ground, because they weaken the rest of the’shaft.

If, at the end of’winter, you see the branches worn and blackened by frost, n’Feel free to cut them because they would risk’weaken’shaft.

Watering of’Acacia dealbata:

L’Acacia dealbata n’is not a tree that requires a lot of’watering, except s’it is pot.

He fears the excess’humidity which tend to rot the roots and therefore your tree.

Watering of’Acacia dealbata open land:

Must water in case of prolonged drought but the reservations in the land should suffice the needs of mimosa.

Watering of’Acacia dealbata pot:

The mimosas grown in pots require Regular watering but limited in winter when’it does not freeze.

In summer and during hot weather, water the night to d’prevent the’water s’evaporates immediately.

Namely on’Acacia dealbata:

Acacia dealbata the winter mimosa L’Acacia dealbata is renowned for its beautiful golden yellow flowers adorning gardens and terrace of the auc oeur’winter or early spring ..

Its foliage is evergreen and flowering pleasantly scented.

C’is indeed at the heart of’Winter this tree takes all its colors and comes embalm the gardens of his very recognizable odor.

You can also enjoy the benefits of’Acacia dealbata on your terrace, planting it in a large container and the’watering when the soil becomes dry.

L’acacia dealbata was introduced on the side of’Azur in 1820 and there are more of 1200 species mimosas worldwide.

Note that’there is some confusion in naming one that’commonly referred Mimosa is actually a acacia while that that’called wattle is actually Robinia.

Malignant Council about the’Acacia dealbata:

Needless to fertilizer intake because the Mimosa n’has not require’fertilizer, especially for planting.

A simple Mulching enough, to avoid’water s’evaporation and weed growth.