And in autumn russir all plantations

If planting the rest’one of the nicest gestures to perform in the garden, he n’is nonetheless the’one of the largest in the life’a plant,’a tree or’a shrub that’ we must succeed!

L’exposure, soil type, soil, or climate, are all factors that will help you succeed in your planting.

Plants that deserve’it provides them with the utmost care from the day the’we decided to put them in the ground.

Each site advice sheets guide you on these, here are some great rules to remember are:

Planting perennials:

In general, all plants purchased in pots or containers can be planted from spring to’autumn.

For planting perennials in summer, Avoid periods of high temperatures that require a more important and regular watering.

You will then take care never let the soil s’dry because the plant has few reserves and roots n’have not yet taken place in the earth.

Planting flowers bulb:

Are planted in’fall for those that bloom in the spring.
The spring the plant for the the bulbs that bloom’summer.

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Planting trees and shrubs :

They are planted to’autumn when’they are bare root but they easily will plant the rest of the’s year’they are purchased in containers.

If you plant in the spring or summer, make sure to water the first year and possibly install mulching foot to maintain’moisture, which facilitates growth.

Also avoid planting during’winter because the ground is very hard and the slightest frost could condemn young.

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Planting roses:

Purchased in pot or container roses are planted preferably at’autumn.

It can also be planted in the spring but conditions’water more regularly.

For bare root roses, the only possible planting period is’autumn

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Plantation Mediterranean plants:

They are preferably plant spring because it gives them the time to s’root before’face the first summer heat.

We also plant all Mediterranean plants sold pot during’summer as long as you water the night in case of prolonged drought.

Plantation of ericaceous plants:

The best time of planting is also located to’autumn.

It will also be planted in spring or summer but still avoiding periods of hot weather and more regularly watering the plants.

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L’Use potting soil is important:

Why’one needs heath land,’Another of’a simple universal compost or planting?

After months or years in the same environment, they will suddenly change’universe.
From the nursery, with optimal growing conditions, they will have s’adapt to their new home

It is therefore important to meet the requirements of each plant by providing the care they need.
Find in each card the right thing to give you every opportunity to succeed in your planting.

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