Apricot for delicious apricots

L’Apricot is a wonderful fruit tree that requires some care before harvest apricots but whose culture is very easy.

The planting,’Maintenance and size are important to avoid disease and ensure good development to your apricot tree.

In short, that’you should know:

Name : Prunus Armeniaca
Family : Rosaceae
Type : Tree orchard

5/6 m
Exposure : Sunlight
Ground : Ordinary

: Deciduous
Flowering : March
Harvest : July-August

Plantation of’Apricot:

It is recommended to plant your apricot to’autumn maintaining a distance of 1.50 m between each foot s’there are several.

You can also plant the’apricot in the spring or summer but then expect more regular watering at first.

  • L’apricot needs sun to bloom well.
  • A rich, well-drained soil will improve the harvest of apricots.
  • L’apricot fears too wetlands and waterlogged soils’water.
  • A rather sheltered from strong winds is preferable.
  • Check our planting tips.

Watch Out: Flowers therefore do not survive freezing temperatures if you dread late frost in your area, prefer late varieties like’Polish apricot.

Maintenance of’Apricot:

Easy’maintenance,’apricot requires very little care when’it is installed.

To’prevent disease, treatment at the end of’winter to protect the’apricot d’a large number of fungi.

  1. After flowering, spraying the Bordeaux mixture, in particular in order to’avoid rot apricots, called moniliose.
  2. In spring, buried 1 or 2 handle’fertilizer for fruit tree at the foot of’apricot.
  3. At’fall, spread at the foot of’shaft compost or even manure.

Although the cut’Apricot:

Annual pruning is recommended for improve crop.

She s’generally carried in the spring or the’autumn but still outside the cold periods.
He s’only acts of’size to balance the’shaft.

Keep an airy shape by removing weak branches and focusing on branches that grow toward’outside.

  • Cut the’apricot tree in spring:

In order to stimulate’appearance of many beautiful and apricots, you can practice size fruiting prior to the resumption of vegetation.

  • Cut the’apricot to’Fall:

Since the fall of the leaves, it lightens’shaft to slightly reduce the stems giving fruit and removes fragile and damaged branches.

L’apricot tree is very sensitive to injury, it is prudent to put a chews healing after pruning.
In case of abundant production n’Please clarify the spring by removing some fruit.

If a branch breaks, cut there much to’site of the wound and put a wound sealant.

Namely on’Apricot:

Apricot for delicious apricotsThe apricot is also called common apricot (Prunus armeniaca). It is part of the genre Prunus and large family Rosaceae.

Originating’Asia, like the heat and, depending on region and variety products apricots of June to the earliest, until’in the month’August for later.

There are traces of its ancient culture in China over 2000 years.

Productive fruit floriferous, This small tree has many’benefits, both in spring with beautiful white flowers that rosé’in summer with orange yellow apricots.

The majority of varieties’Apricot is self-fertile.

D’relatively easy maintenance,’apricot like rather warm and sheltered places but still the wind’an easy fruit to grow.

Insects, pests and diseases of’Apricot:

L’Apricot is subject to the same diseases as those affecting fishing, in particular peach leaf curl but also moniliose.

Malignant Council about the’Apricot:

Pointless’water thoroughly because this tree is drought resistant.