Thyme benefits and virtues

Thyme or thymus vulgaris is a perennial subshrub of the family Lamiaceae (Labiatae) native to the arid areas of the Mediterranean basin.

It is branched, sometimes crawling, extremely aromatic and does not exceed 30 cm.

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Thyme: for the record

The Egyptian used it, mixed with other ingredients, to embalm their dead. The Greek in put in the bath, apply on their bodies thyme oil and perfumed in their dishes. Albert the Great meanwhile, advocated against leprosy, paralysis and lice!

Thyme and its health benefits

  • Antispasmodic and tonic, thyme helps digestion. It stimulates the appetite, prevents fermentation, calms nervous contractions of the stomach and gas hunt.
  • He active detoxification functions: promotes sweating and diuresis, helps eliminate toxins (cases of influenza, rheumatism, overeating).
  • Thyme stimulates intellect, like tea: recommended infusion after meals to overcome drowsiness.
  • The pains of gout, arthritis or rheumatism are both relieved with thyme. Vive thyme bath (also recommended for stunted children)!
  • Top Notch toothpaste, it strengthens the gums, "disinfect" the breath and prevents the formation of caries.
  • The thyme oil is an excellent vermifuge.
  • A flat However, the rich thyme thymol and especially their essential oil are caustic so use them carefully. In case of overdose, the nervous disorders can appear.

Did you know?

  • Internal use

Infusion: 20 to 30 g of plant per liter of boiling water. 3 or 4 cups a day as a stimulant against the Colds and bad digestions. Most exciting infusion dosed at 50 g.

Syrup: dissolve 175 g of honey in 100 g of hot infusion. Against the whooping cough.

  • External use:

Fresh thyme: against the pain. Heat dry fresh thyme in an iron skillet and then apply warm between two muslins on the painful parts.

Thyme bath: prepare a decoction of 500 g of boiled thyme in a few liters of water to add to the bath water. Strengthening, Painkillers, invigorating.

Hair Lotion: decoction of thyme 100 g per liter of water, is allowed to halve. Rub the scalp with this lotion tonic and rinse after shampooing. This decoction can serve washing or compress to heal wounds. And a few times a week, you can replace the toothpaste by pulverized dried thyme impregnated on your toothbrush.

Growing thyme

There are no quibble, thyme, to push to be planted in sunlight, in barren and stony soil (For better flavor).

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If you are growing thyme planter, do not hesitate to associate the rosemary and thyme.

Potted thyme?

Thyme loves well-drained flower boxes, which contain a mixture of sand and soil (half and half).

Beware of little beasts!

From that side, thyme rather spared, nothing bad could happen to him!

Thyme cooking

Thyme benefits and virtuesFlowers and leaves will scent your soups, sauces, roasts, grilled meats, fish and stews.

Gourmet idea:

Thyme should never miss in the kitchen of vegetables.

Sautéed zucchini find all its relief with thyme.

Remember, it is the central element of the aromatic bouquet garni ! The ideal is to have permanently pot.

  1. Kitchen: all our recipes with thyme

Some synonyms of "thyme" to shine in socisummer ...

It is also called "farigoule", "farigoulette", "mignotise of Geneva", "pal", "barigoule", "French thyme."