Lettuce benefits and virtues

With its many varieties of cabbage or Roman, or leaf lettuce lactuca sativa, is perhaps the best known of vegetables from our gardens.

Native to Europe and Asia, this small salad tender leaves 10 to 15 cm high, jagged or curly, green or purple red, belongs to the Asteraceae family.

She was born in wild lettuce, sometimes biennial plant up to 1 m tall, commonly found along the roads in temperate regions.

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Leaf lettuce: for the record

Diving in Greek mythology ... According to legend, it's Juno, queen of Olympus, who extolled the virtues narcotics lettuce giving birth to her child Hebe. Childbirth that passed without pain with wild lettuce that Juno had eaten just before.

Dried in the sun, the milky juice of lettuce forms a brownish mass (the lactucarium) that Dioscorides and Galen used as Columella calming and antispasmodic. As for Pythagoras, because of its sedative action on the reproductive system, he described the lactucarium of " plant eunuchs "!

Who would have thought? Learn as long as the lactucarium replaced opium in detoxification.

Lettuce and its health benefits

Lettuce benefits and virtues Wild lettuce is a mild hypnotic Recommended for children: it calms nervous excitement and cough (It was used for pertussis), and nightmares. It is also recommended against the palpitations and regulates digestive functions.

In addition to the vitamins it brings to the organization, to the lettuce is also known for its virtues refreshing and emollient.

It promotes digestion and transit. If you are prone to constipation, better eating lettuce at night to rest and to facilitate the evacuation of intestinal bowl the next morning.

He recognizes the beneficial effects against urinary retention and visceral congestion. It calms painful inflammation the liver, of bladder and intestines.

As tincture (maceration in alcohol), lettuce could shrink 30% glucose levels in diabetics.

Did you know?

There are two ways to use lettuce:

Internal use:

Decoction Lettuce : 60 to 80 grams of leaves per liter of water to be consumed in 24 hours. There is a safe bet that the appearance of this tea does not give you mouth water. Tip: add a little lettuce leek, sorrel and chervil. You will get a much more attractive herb broth, moreover promote sleep arrival the and intestinal transit.

External use:

Lettuce lotion: to fight against cold mischief on his face, use the decoction of a well-washed lettuce in 1 liter of water. This lotion also has virtues decongestant for Rosacea and dry and sensitive skin.

Lettuce poultice: to absorb the Boils and whitlow, Apply warm compresses cooked leaves.

Lettuce concoction: if inflammation of the eyes, wash with a decoction of lettuce seeds. One teaspoon per cup of water. This is an excellent remedy!

Growing lettuce for its benefits

If you want grow lettuce in your garden, be aware that it needs a exposure semi-shaded, not too hot and a ground rich, fresh, humus and well drained.

Remember to bring the manure during the fall preceding culture as well as further organic fertilizer.

Pot, growing lettuce is fun and easy to be successful. Planter or hanging basket, it's just up to you!

Did you know?

The nickname "lettuce-compass" (in English compass plant) was given to the plant because its leaves are moving towards the sun at noon by presenting their edge.

The multiplication of the lettuce,


  1. February-April, up under glass or tunnel
  2. May to October, in the ground, on the fly among vegetables 

Beware of little beasts!

Slugs, snails, worms and soil caterpillars are the worst enemies of lettuce. Watch them well!

Species and varieties of lettuce cut

  1. "Blond oak leaf": soft, soft flavor.
  2. "Salad bowl" red or green, stand the heat.
  3. "Morocco's Cressonnette" flavor close to chew.
  4. "Lolo rossa" curly green.

Lettuce in the kitchen and its properties

To enjoy your lettuce, cut it as and when it develops and consume immediately. You can keep lettuce two days in the refrigerator.

Nutrient intakes and nutritional value:

Lettuce is a very digestible salad, which is why it is so recommended in diets. It provides 13 kcal / 100 g, contains some calcium. It is rich in vitamin B9, vitamin C and beta-carotene.

Gourmet idea:

We consume mostly raw and tend to forget that it is so delicious cooked! It is this example that gives smoothness with peas carrots. She is also involved in the production of very good soups.

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Some synonyms of "lettuce" to shine in society ...

Also nicknamed "Grass wise" or "herb of the philosophers."

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