The radish benefits and virtues

The radish, raphanus sativus, is a small annual plant of 15 cm high, which produces swollen roots tonic taste.

Pink radishes, native to Europe and South Asia belongs to the Brassicaceae family (Brassicaceae).

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Radish: for the record

In the time of Pharaohs, was distributed these small roots fleshy, refreshing and nourishing (Together with garlic cloves) to workers who built the pyramid of Giza. The Greek the felt lot: Theophrastus cultivated in his garden, Hippocrates advised against edema. To Dioscorides, radish excited theappetite, revived the stomachs tired, calmed cough and caused the rules. Nothing less!

The Middle Ages, it is considered to own purge the brain and viscera of their malignant moods, it was also recommended as diuretic and antidote.

In Renaissance we advocated macerated in white wine, to mitigate pain of urinary stones. It is then for a long time relegated to " Remedy woman "As against the expectorant whooping cough and bronchitis, such as diuretic or antiscorbutique (Scurvy is a disease caused by lack of vitamin C in the diet) for sailors in the long term.

Not until the late nineteenth again to praise the benefits of black radish, effective against gallstones or chest disease taken at their beginning. Then used it as against thehives and chronic arthritis.

Pink radish and its health benefits

  • The radish stimulates appetite and aids digestion So do not hesitate to crunch the beginning of the meal.
  • We recommend against sluggish (release) of the stomach, aerophagia and flatulence.
  • Radish also relieves sunburn and erythema.

Growing radishes

To grow radish, a hot and sunny exposure is necessary. In summer, you can still grow in partial shade. The radishes need rich soil, sandy or loose and well drained. Another key to success: fresh ground but not soggy. The radish is easily cultivable in pure compost.


For the roots to grow and look good, remember to seal the floor with the back of the rack after sowing. In too airy ground, they tend to spin and remain thin.

Radish pot? Long radishes and half-long forcing behave perfectly well in a 25 cm depth of pot.
The secret? A very low density planting and a good thinning, otherwise the roots do not grow. Choose a sandy loam, well drained.

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Beware of little beasts!

The Slugs and snails revel seedlings. Beware! As for beetles (Tiny jumping beetles), they often attack the young leaves and sift the holes. Attention also to cabbage maggot, digging the root.

The radish in the kitchen

The radish benefits and virtuesThey consume raw "to the croque-au-salt", with other vegetables or grated and are best when they have just been picked up.

You can use the young leaves in salads, mixed with other sheets or composition soups.


15 kcal / 100g. These little refreshing vegetables and appetizers are all rich in vitamin C and minerals as the potassium and sulfur as well as fiber Facilitated Transit.

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Gourmet idea:

In Europe it plain or toasted with salt. In India, we taste it " raitas "Sliced ​​in yoghurt beaten with spices and herbs. Drip, it's delicious!

Some synonyms of "radish" to shine in society ...

As he is nicknamed "radish every month", "small radish" "radish Paris", "tendrette", "radish Parisians."