Bay leaf benefits and virtues

The bay tree or Laurus nobilis is a small evergreen tree that exceeds 10 m high.

A native of the Mediterranean region, it belongs to the family Lauraceae.

A bay leaf symbolizes the triumph and glory.

  •  Gardening cultivate the bay leaf 

A bay leaf: for the record

In Greece, physicians used enormous leaves and laurel, known for their beneficial effects on the’stomach and bladder.

Dioscorides was using the’bark to break kidney stones and relieve liver ailments.

In Renaissance, was regarded as a panacea bay!

A bay leaf and its health benefits

  • Real laurel recognizes the digestive properties. It awakens (or wake) l’appetite, stimulates lazy stomachs and the fight against fermentations. The bay is also antiseptic, which justifies its use in marinades.
  • You have a bad cold or bronchitis? Know that the bay is a good expectorant.
  • Powder bay leaves bring the fever.
  • Externally, we appreciate the bay for its benefits on rheumatism. It is possible’prepare a ointment or’use’distilled essential oil of leaves, diluted in the’oil’sweet almond or’Olive.
  • Another under’Laurel oil: it repels insects.

Did you know?

Internal use:

  • "Bouquet garni" Laurel is the king of bouquet garni. It takes the’widely used, especially in sauces and marinades for its digestive and antiseptic.
  • Laurel Infusion: From 16 to 30 g of leaves per liter’water. Promotes digestion.

External use:

  • Oil bay leaves: marinate 100 g of dry leaves in 100 g’Potted well cap alcohol for 24 hours. Add 1 l d’oil’olive and bake in a water bath for 6 hours (warning: the water bath should never boil). Spend, store in a cool place. Against the rheumatism.
  • Ointment to the "’fatty oil "bay laurel: crush the berries, boil them for 15 minutes. Express the juice in a cloth. Cool. L’brown oil and very fragrant floats on the surface. Collect it carefully and keep it in small tightly stoppered bottles. Mix 2 units of’Oil berries and a share of lard to prepare the antirheumatic ointment.

Cultivate a bay leaf

To grow, a bay leaf needs’a warm, sunny exposure (it does not support the gel). The soil should be light, sandy, humus-rich, supple and well drained.

  1.  Gardening cultivate the bay leaf 


In areas with harsh winters, plant a bay leaf along’a south-facing wall.

Bay leaf in a pot?

Culture laurel pot proves excellent. However, pot, laurel is even more sensitive to frost.

Beware of little beasts!

Scale insects, caterpillars, downy mildew, thrips, anthracnose and other vine weevils are the sworn enemies of the bay leaf. Protect from these pests.

Species and varieties bay

  • Laurus nobilis "Aurea" to golden foliage, especially decorative. 

A bay leaf in the kitchen

The leaves are used to prepare meats and terrines. The berries are used to make liqueurs.

Tasty ideas:

Bay leaves are conventionally used to flavor sauces, stews, marinades and fish. They are obviously essential in the short broth and bouquet garni ... for a little more’originality, you might like the Italians, test l’omelet or polenta laurel, or as the Bedouins of’North Africa flavor your coffee with bay leaves!

Some synonyms of "bay leaf" to shine in society ...

Also nicknamed the "bay of’Apollo "," laurel "" laurel of poets "," bay kitchens "," ham laurel. "

Did you know?

Oleander, cherry laurel, laurel, bay d’Alexandria ... Many plants are called " laurel ". No No’belongs to the genus Laurus and very few only belong to the family Lauraceae. Only a bay leaf is edible. The oleander (Nerium oleander) is d’Furthermore the’one of the most poisonous plants in our region!