Nettle benefits and virtues

L’nettle or Urtica dioica is a perennial herb native to the whole’Temperate Europe.

L’Nettle can reach 1 m high and s’out a vegetable with multiple benefits and health benefits ...

  • Gardening : to make his manure’nettle
  • Cooking : recipe for nettle soup

L’Nettle: for the record

In folk medicine, it was recognized’nettle for its astringent properties, it s’formerly employed as Quick repellent in the case of paralysis. Against pain due to rheumatism, was recommended friction and floggings with a handful’nettles ... Ouch! A heroic act totally out of fashion aujourd’hui.

L’Nettle and its health benefits

  • You suffer’benign prostatic hyperplasia ? The rhizomes d’nettle can help. Indeed, the’Nettle increases the volume and urinary flow rate and reduces post-void residual.
  • The leaves’nettle are equipped’an anti-inflammatory action proved and are highly effective in the treatment of rheumatic pain, l’arthritis and‘urinary tract inflammation.
  • The leaves are used to’Nettle prevention training kidney stones.
  • Against the bleeding (Spitting blood, menstrual bleeding, nosebleeds ...) the astringent using the’nettle.
  • L’Nettle is a Detoxing quality against stubborn skin diseases: eczema, psoriasis and dry patches.
  • Another benefit of’Nettle: it makes grow hair ! That is why it is a component of hair lotions provided for this purpose.

Did you know?

Internal use

  • Decoction of rhizomes’Nettle: Boil for 10 minutes 30 to 40 g of rhizomes’Nettle in 1 l d’water. Consume three times daily. Disorders of the prostate.
  • Suc d’Nettle: 100 g of fresh plant daily. Such As Detoxing.
  • Infusion’nettle : 30 to 60 g of leaves per liter’water. Let steep 10 minutes and drink a cup before meals. Against l’arthritis and rheumatism.

External use

  • Hair Lotion: macerate 60 g of dried rhizome with 60 g’oregano in 1 l d’eau-de-vie for 1 month. Rub the hair daily with this lotion.

Cultivating’nettle for its benefits

L’nettle must be exposed part shade preferably and appreciates the rich land nitrogen, in the rubble and along the roads.

  1. Gardening : to make his manure’nettle


Baking, older leaves of’Nettle take a very unpleasant fishy odor, do not use them. The very young leaves in turn, can be eaten raw in salads. They lose their stinging properties after being soaked in’water ten minutes.

L’Potted nettle?

The culture of’Pot Nettle does not represent any interest, we do not recommend you.

Beware of little beasts!

Snails and Slugs are the only critters that can s’take to’nettle.

Species and varieties’nettle

  • Urtica urens: small nettle or stinging nettle. S’used as the’nettle.
  • L’nettle membrane and’Nettle pills: they grow in Brittany, are protected plants.

Intakes of’nettle

82 kcal / 100g. L’Nettle is the richest vegetable green protein. Diuretic, anti-anemic, the’nettle contains minerals, of provitamin A, the iron and vitamin C.

Its nutritional values ​​are d’it a revitalizing food, preferable to’spinach because that’it does not contain’oxalates.

L’nettle in the kitchen for its benefits

The one eats’Nettle has always raw or cooked. The leaves can be cooked like spinach (soup, soufflé, quiche).

Tasty ideas:

With nettles, you can prepare a perfumed butter or pesto, taste the soup but also blown or quiche. Try it!

  1. Cooking : recipe for nettle soup