Raspberry benefits and virtues

The raspberry or Rubus idaeus is a suckering shrub and bush that belongs to the family Rosaceae and forms thorny branches.

These branches can reach 2 m high. The raspberry grows in forest edge (its etymology comes from the contraction of "strawberry") in mountainous areas’Europe.

  • Gardening cultivate raspberries
  • Kitchen: raspberry-based recipes

Raspberry: for the record

On medically, raspberry was once coveted. It is cultivated since the late Middle Ages.

Molière himself thought that’framboiser crush the leaves and place them on the’epigastrium (middle and upper part of the’abdomen), was sufficient to soothe aches’stomach.

Raspberry and its health benefits

  • With raspberry leaves, do yourself a herbal tea diuretic and very pleasant fragrance (50 g / l of leaves).
  • Raspberry leaves are also astringent, they are very effective in cases of intestinal problems, against the diarrhea in particular.
  • Externally, raspberry leaves are particularly effective: gargle if you have sore throat, in mouthwash if you have d’mouth ulcers, lotion on ulcers and applying to the yirritated them.
  • The leaves of raspberry the tone’uterus. Is used in herbal tea (mixed with’lady's mantle, lemon balm, the’nettle, yarrow, and St. John's wort in equal amounts) to prepare the work of the’delivery by increasing the strength of the contractions.
  • Raspberry is a delicious fruit, refreshing, diuretic and laxative. Very low in sucrose, it n’is not prohibited for diabetics.
  • Raspberry contains l’folic acid (Vitamin B9) : It is therefore recommended that pregnant women in early pregnancy. They also say the could help prevent the disease’Alzheimer's.

Did you know?

  • Internal use:

Infusion of raspberry leaves: From 40 to 50 grams of leaves per liter’water. Steep for 10 minutes. Consume 3 or 4 cups a day. Against diarrhea or before’delivery (to drink from the 7th month of pregnancy).

Raspberry syrup: cook until’to the desired consistency of the same weight of sugar and fruit juice. This syrup cools dramatically in patients with febrile illness, it is also a diuretic.

Raspberry vinegar: exquisite, is prepared by covering the fruit contained in a jar, with white vinegar (about 1 liter of vinegar 1.5 kg of fruit). Let macerate 10 days, filtered. You can sweeten it with sugar syrup or honey. If you need a cleaning raspberry liqueur, exchange vinegar against the’white water spirits.

  • External use: all of the above preparations, infusion of leaves, syrup, vinegar or raspberry vinegar syrup are effective gargle against sore throats.

Growing raspberry for its benefits

Raspberry appreciates partial shade or sun light (north of the Loire) and slightly acidic soils, humus rich enough, well-drained, not too dry the’was not too waterlogged’the water’winter.

  1. Gardening cultivate raspberries


You should plant your raspberries in hedges, along’a grid. They will have a protective role through their spines and will be attractive also, thanks to fruit.

Raspberry pot?

Better not you start growing raspberry pot. It would be too laborious, the enormous raspberry suckers ...

Beware of little beasts!

- Botrytis : Causes white spots on the fruit.

- The worm raspberries : A beetle 3 mm long which lays in the flowers. Its larvae identical to small grubs develop in the fruit.

- Older plants : Can be attacked by a bacterium that causes a canker (ulceration) on the roots. No possible treatment, you will pull the foot ...

- For the rest ... Powdery mildew, aphids, dryness, blemishes s’also attack raspberries. 

Raspberry cooking for its benefits

Nature or sugar, raspberry eaten raw; juice, sauces, pastries, sorbets, jams or to flavor vinegar. With raspberry, also manufactures of liquors and spirits.

  1. Kitchen: raspberry-based recipes

Intakes raspberry:

38 kcal / 100g. Raspberry contains vitamin C (25 mg / 100 g).

It is very rich in minerals : iron (With 0.7 mg / 100 g, c’is’one of the richest fruits in iron) calcium, magnesium.

Raspberries are also rich in fiber, it regulates intestinal transit.

Raspberry leaves are astringent, tonic, dépuratives and diuretics.

The organic acids contained in the raspberry contribute to rebalance the pH of the blood after sport.

Tasty ideas:

Looking for a cool twist on tiramisu? Dare raspberry tiramisu! And a light, original dessert, there clouds Raspberry, made with chipmunks, whites’egg, sugar and raspberries course!

Some synonyms of "raspberry" to shine in society ...

Also nicknamed raspberry "bramble Mount Ida."