Strawberry benefits and virtues

The strawberry or fragaria bentgrass is a perennial that forms clumps of 20 to 40 cm tall and can be an excellent ground cover with decorative qualities.

The strawberry plant belongs to the family Rosaceae. In Europe, we find the fraisier wood (Fragaria vesca), the Starry strawberry (Fragaria viridis) and strawberry capron (Fragaria moschata). The strawberry varieties bur originate from’continual improvement of Chile strawberry bur (Fragaria chiloensis) narrated’South America in 1974, by Mr. Frézier ...

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Strawberry: for the record

The Romans really liked the flavor of wild strawberries.

In France, until’the Sixteenth century, was known to’Furthermore the strawberry. It is true that’the Fourteenth century, Charles V in 1200 he planted wild strawberries, but c’was mostly for the decorative value of flower feet.

To domesticate strawberries, succulent fruit, it was not until John Quintinye, Louis XIV's gardener.

Strawberry and its health benefits

  • The roots and leaves of strawberry diuretics. It s’using it for a long time against the disorders of kidney and bladder. It also recognizes their benefits for rheumatism and gout.
  • Another virtue of the leaves and roots of strawberry plants: they are astringent and are highly effective against the diarrhea and enteritis (Inflammation of the’intestine) but also as a gargle against l’angina.
  • Strawberry, laxative and diuretic is advocated against l’arthritis, the Calculations, the rheumatism and liver disease. Small problem though: some people are allergic, attention to’hives. Hypersensitive to’histamine? You are therefore subject to the’allergy. In an attempt to desensitize you eat each day for a week, a small piece of strawberry, enough to cause a crisis’urticaria.
  • Last but not least benefit, strawberry beautifies the complexion !

Did you know?

In the botanical sense, strawberries are not fruit. It is considered as the fruits of the ovaries mature. Or strawberries are actually fake fruit, formed by the growth of’end of the stem and covered with "grain" that they are the real fruit!

  • Internal use:

Decoction of leaves and crushed roots: 25 g / l’water. Boil 10 minutes and drink at will during the day. Against urinary tract disorders and diarrhea.

Infusion of strawberry leaves : 25 g / l’water. Pick leaves in spring and dry. Diuretic, good tea substitute.

  • External use:

Concentrated decoction: 30 to 50 g / l of roots and leaves. For use as a gargle against sore throats or enemas against diarrhea.

Strawberry Face Mask : Just’apply crushed strawberries on cleansed face and maintain with gauze. Leave on for 10 minutes and rinse’rose water. If you have oily skin,  add white d’beaten egg mashed strawberries. If you have dry skin, add a teaspoon’oil’sweet almond.

Strawberry milk: spend strawberry juice, add the same amount of fresh milk and a few drops’cologne. This milk is astringent and scrub.

Growing strawberries for its benefits

Strawberry needs sunlight. C’He gives strawberry fragrance and guarantees them a high sugar content. The strawberry plant is hardy, it supports the frosts in all French regions. As to the ground, it must be humus and fertile, furniture, even sandy, ideally non-calcareous. The soil must be well prepared, meticulously weeded and should not desiccate in summer.


L’echinococcosis can contaminate wild strawberries. He s’is d’a parasite that’found in the feces of foxes and dogs and dangerous form cysts in humans. By cooking fruit, you will destroy the parasite for sure!

Strawberry pot?

In suspension or in major breakthroughs jars, Strawberry produced very easily. Better to choose neutral varieties as "Queen of the valleys" or "Mara des bois". On the other hand, provide a rich soil and good drainage. Strawberry is greedy, it needs’regular intake of fertilizer.

  1. Vegetable garden: cultivate strawberries

Strawberry in cooking for its benefits

Flood, Strawberry is enjoyed plain or with sugar. It is delicious in baked goods, ice cream, sauces, compotes, jams but strawberry resents long cooking.

The scent of strawberry strengthens when it is almost served warm, quickly grew in the pan or on the grill.

Strawberry blends perfectly well with the cream, wine, exotic fruits, citrus and spices (especially ginger and mint).

  1. Kitchen: recipes strawberries

Tasty ideas:

Cheesecake strawberry, strawberry pie to’old or flood strawberries, strawberry, strawberry jam, Strawberry Square ... it does not give you the’mouth water?

Intakes Cutter

35 kcal / 100g. The strawberry is composed 89.5% of’water with only 7% carbohydrates. Strawberries are rich in vitamin C (60 mg / 100 g, so that more’orange): 125 g strawberries cover the daily requirement of vitamin C. The strawberry also contains Vitamins E and K but also fibers and various inorganic salts such as potassium (150 mg / 100 g), bromine, iron,’iodine, calcium, magnesium and sulfur.

Strawberry also contains the’folic acid (vitamin B9), a principle that delays the cellular aging.

Some synonyms of "strawberry" to shine in society ...

Also nicknamed strawberry "in large strawberries strawberry", "capron", "breslinge", "musk strawberry", "strawberry high."