Celery benefits and virtues


The celery is a condiment plant (improved form of wild parsley), which belongs to the family Apiaceae (Umbelliferae) and offers many benefits and health benefits.

Biennial hollow stems from Europe and Asia, celery cut looks a little parsley and reaches 30-50 cm high.

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Celery: for the record

This is toAntiquity that was the culture of celery as a medicinal plant, vegetable entered in our gardens Seventeenth century only.

Folk medicine gave him a long time but wrongly aphrodisiac.

Celery and its health benefits

  • Celery is very diuretic, that's why we recommend it in the diet of the sick heart, the liver or waist. This is also why the celery juice is also recommended in Dieting.
  • Celery also includes hypoglycemic properties that make it a good food for people with diabetes. Celery seed - like those of many other Umbelliferae - stimulate appetite and digestion, facilitate the expulsion of gas.
  • Celery seeds are also purifying: in infusion, they relieve arthritis and gout ridding them waist their waste, reducing the acidity of the body and improving the bloodstream in muscles and joints.
  • Good to know : Seeds, leaves and roots contain a photosensitizer. Do not expose yourself to the sun after eating celery, you risk burning! Also note that celery can be allergenic.

Did you know?

  • Internal use:

Grated celery proves to be an excellent appetizer, both appetizer and diuretic.

Celery juice the blender: 2 cups a day. To detoxify the body, in the plethora of diseases, rheumatism, obesity, gout. Also effective against asthma, coughs and bronchitis.

Celery wine : Shred celery root with sugar in 1 liter of good white wine and marinate 48 hours. Filter. Drink 2 or 3 glasses a day as a diuretic. This wine will remind you the taste of pineapple.

The ache marsh : The root of wild celery is extremely diuretic. It advises in cases of albuminuria. Wild celery was as such part of the famous "five syrup roots."

Decoction of celery root: 30 g per liter of water. Boil 5 to 10 minutes. Drink 2 to 3 cups a day.

Also used celery root tincture : Allow to stand an equal amount of cut roots and alcohol at 40% vol. A teaspoon 2 times a day.

  • External use:

Celery: Bathrooms: Boil a large chopped celery head with leaves in 2 liters of water for about ¾ hour. Let cool, strain. Against the Frostbite, bathe the affected areas in water as hot as possible for about ¼ hour. Warm bath to renew the care three times a day.

Cultivating celery branch for its benefits

  • Cultivating smallage:

Plant celery cut into full sun or partial shade in a humus-rich, fresh but well drained.

  1. Vegetable garden: successfully celery culture


You can start your culture smallage earlier under shelter and bedding in place then.

Celery leaves in a pot?

Yes, it works very well in a large pan. Take care of the substrate, it must never dry out.

To multiply celery leaves : Sowing in April up to July.

Beware of little beasts!

Please note that the celery fly spot the leaves and the plants will not grow.

  • Cultivating celery rib:

Celery rib needs a sunny position or semi-shade. The soil in which it is planted should be humus rich, deep and fresh but well drained, not too limestone.


Drying, celery leaves retain their aroma. Keep them well!

Celery pot branch?

You will get good results in a pot of 40 cm.

To multiply the celery: sowing under glass from February to April. Subculture up two months later.

Beware of little beasts!

Please note that the celery fly mine stems. And celery is not at all with the boyfriend Slugs, there rust, the mildew.

Cash and celery varieties:

Celery side:

  • "Tall Utah" strong taste, very productive.
  • "Full golden white" hasty with very broad ribs.
  • "Martine" red ribs.


There are only the type species.

Celery cuisine and its properties

  • Celery by side in the kitchen:

Celery benefits and virtuesThe celery ribs are eaten raw and perfectly decorate your salads, or cooked, simmered in butter for example.

Whichever way of cooking its benefits are numerous.


11 kcal / 100g. Celery is a diuretic, anthelmintic, digestive and stimulant.

Gourmet idea:

Celery has a place in the inevitable recipe mussels ! It is certainly the most traditional way of cooking mussels, but probably the most delicious.

  1. Kitchen: recipe with celery
  • Celery kitchen branch:

Celery leaves wonderfully fragrant soups.


Celery leaves is a powerful diuretic, rich in minerals (sodium and calcium especially).

Some synonyms for celery shine in society

Celery : It is also called "small celery", "hollow celery", "celery end of Holland", "celery soup", "green celery."

Celery : It's also known as "side celery" or "fragrant ache."