Broccoli benefits and virtues

The broccoli or Brassica oleracea var. italica is an annual or biennial flower vegetable that has many benefits and health benefits.

This prepared cabbage that comes from the south of Italy, is 50 to 70 cm tall, flowering form green heads and belongs to the Brassicaceae family (Brassicaceae).

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Broccoli: for the record

The word Broccoli bracchium is derived from Latin, meaning "branch" in reference to the shape of the vegetable which evokes miniature trees.

It was reported in France by Catherine de Medici. History does not tell us much more ...

Broccoli and its health benefits

  • Compound in 92% water, the broccoli is very little energy but full of minerals. It is recommended for people with diabetes and those who wish to embark on a slimming diet.
  • In Traditional Chinese Medicine, it is considered a neutral food, that is to say, not unbalancing.
  • However, we know that with the fiber and antioxidants he has, he has a preventive action against cancer, especially cancers of the abdomen (Colon, uterus, bladder, stomach, prostate). However, be careful not to over cook (he would lose his precious anti-cancer component).
  • Very rich in provitamin A, broccoli has virtues antioxidant that fight against eye diseases.
  • One study even credited with the power to fight against chronic bronchitis.

Did you know?

  • Internal use:

Broccoli juice: boil for 5 minutes on low heat between 250 and 500 g broccoli in a liter of water. Half of the juice should be drunk in the morning, one in the evening. Eat all day. Avoid drinking (except water) or eat for twenty minutes after drinking the juice. Repeat daily for the first week. Then follow 4 day break at the end of each week the following weeks. Duration of treatment: 21 days.

Prevention of’Benign prostatic hyperplasia, prostatitis, cystitis, and infections of’urinary tract.

Growing broccoli

For an optimal development, broccoli needs a land rich, fresh but well drained. Beware stagnant winter moisture. To alleviate the land too compact, think river sand or Liming (Go lime). Recommended Exposure: Sun or light partial shade.

  1. Kitchen garden : Culture and broccoli maintenance


You want freeze your broccoli ? For best results, collect small jets.

 Broccoli pot? Planted in rich soil and watered regularly, broccoli can grow in pots of 30 cm.

Beware of little beasts!

Many are broccoli pests! Slugs and snails prey on young leaves, especially early in the culture. The gray cabbage maggot causes wilting of plants. In summer, the leaves are invaded by butternut cabbage aphids. In wet weather, the Mildew Cabbage causing leaf yellowing while caterpillars Pieris devour.

Species and varieties of broccoli

Among the early varieties:

  • "Extra-early Angers" and "Early Cima Di Rapa" very productive.
  • "Genji F1" to bluish dark green apples, resists mildew.
  • "The Precious": bluish green, with a very delicate taste.

Midseason varieties:

  • "Marathon F1" big apple to bluish green, very compact.
  • "Green Duke F1" with big green apples, very tasty.
  • "Red Arrow" to the many dark purple jets, which are harvested in the spring.
  • "Emperor F1" very consistent.

Late varieties:

  • "Green Calabrian" small green apples.
  • "Shogun F1" bluish green, resistant to cold.

Decorative Variety:

  • "Romanesco" Early in big apple made of green buttons arranged like a pyramid.

Broccoli cooking

Broccoli benefits and virtuesWe consume broccoli blanched in boiling water. This consists of immersing in 2 minutes’boiling water and then bathe immediately in the’very cold water (this helps to maintain their beautiful green setting chlorophyll). You can then submit to cook with’water or steam.

They can then be sautéed, braised or browned. They are also tasty wines accompanied by a spicy sauce.


25 kcal / 100g. Broccoli are rich in vitamin C, B9, E, K, calcium, sulfur, magnesium, potassium, fiber and carotenes.

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Gourmet idea:

If you have not yet tested, prepare a Broccoli Soup with fresh cream: it's delicious!

Some synonyms of "broccoli" to shine in society ...

Also nicknamed the "jet broccoli" or "cauliflower asparagus."