Garlic benefits and virtues

Garlic or allium sativum is a bulbous perennial from 30 to 40 cm tall grown as an annual.

It belongs to the lily family and comes from the steppes of Central Asia.

  • Vegetable garden: planting, growing and harvesting of’garlic
  • Kitchen: recipes from’garlic

Garlic: for the record

Originally from the steppes of Central Asia, garlic was probably brought by the Mongol hordes.

Known since ancient times, it quickly spread around the Mediterranean basin. Virtues food, condiments and medicinal ... They were praised by all peoples.

The Veterans recognized him two essential qualities: being a powerful tonic and of being a remedy against plague.

The Greek recognize him incredible number of virtues, sometimes even illusory virtues. Ditto for Romans.

As for Arabs, they considered him a remarkable antidote against rabies, scorpion stings and snake bites. In addition to all this, the Middle Ages, it is recognized for its garlic antiseptic. We even eventually consider garlic as a panacea. Garlic was also one of the components of the "four thieves vinegar", long considered the only remedy able to overcome the epidemics in the countryside.

Garlic and its health benefits

  • Garlic acts on the arteries and cardiac contractility: we recognize it remarkable properties hypotensive. It stimulates the heart, facilitates the circulation and thins the blood. The garlic extract is also used in the manufacture of modern drugs against tension. It is recommended garlic to lower the rate of cholesterol and against Arteriosclerosis (Hardening of the arteries). As a precaution, it is also effective against diseases cardio-Vascular.
  • With its virtues antiseptic, bactericidal and expectorant, Garlic is effective against contagious diseases. It is also an excellent healing of bronchitis, flu and seasonal respiratory infections.
  • Garlic acts on the digestive organs as a antiseptic : Destruction of pathogenic flora and the fight against diarrhea by its antispasmodic action.
  • Garlic reduces blood sugar.
  • It is also an excellent wormer (Against pinworms and roundworms).
  • Finally, Chinese Studies also show that cancer rates are much lower in people who consume garlic daily (20 g per day) compared to those who consume only occasionally.

Did you know?

  • Internal use: you can use fresh garlic, powdered form of capsules or tablets and containing oil beads. Besides its use in raw or cooked in the kitchen, garlic can be used to relieve ...

Decoction’garlic: 2 or 3 crushed cloves boiled in a glass of water or milk. Such As hypotensive (Which reduces the pressure in the arteries).

Treatment plant : recipe decoction’garlic

Syrup’garlic : Boil 50 grams of garlic in a glass of water. Strain, add 50 grams of sugar. Consuming 2 or 3 tablespoons per day. Against the respiratory infections.

Tincture of’garlic : To crush a garlic book and extract the juice. Adding to the juice the same amount of alcohol 40% vol. Consume one teaspoon 2 or 3 times a day for 10 days a month. Such As antiseptic.

  • External use: Garlic has virtues rubefacient and vesicant, giving it effective used as a poultice for example, or against corns.

Poultice’garlic: crushed garlic with mustard against neuralgia. But: it smells very strong!

Oil or ointment to’garlic: crushed garlic, added with twice its weight of camphor oil or lard (eg for 10g of’crushed garlic, add 20 g’oil or Saintdoux). Against the rheumatism, Arthritis, pain in the spine.

Plaster of’garlic: a garlic puck against the horns, the calluses and Warts.

Enema : wormer with garlic decoction in milk.

Grow Garlic

This is mandatory: garlic needs sun and heat. For soil: a neutral, light pH, which dries well after the rain, or too little humus stony.


Garlic enjoys the company of strawberries, potatoes, lettuce and tomatoes. But he does not like peas, beans and broad beans. Keep away from them.

  1. Vegetable garden: planting, growing and harvesting of’garlic

Beware of little beasts!

The stems and leaves are attacked by the green caterpillar moth garlic. If this happens, turn off the affected parts and rip the most affected plants. Pay attention to the rot.

Species and varieties of garlic

Garlic benefits and virtuesIn the French official catalog you will find 23 varieties of garlic. Use only certified plant, devoid of any virus.
You will recognize its blue label attached to seed packets.

The old varieties, you may know as the "White of the Drôme," "Purple Cadours," "White Lomagne" have been replaced by modern selections "Messidour", "Germidour", "Printanor", "Thermidrôme or still "Primor" ...

Garlic kitchen

Garlic is used as a condiment: the raw cloves assaisonnent raw vegetables and sauces, baked beans roasts and stews scent of mutton, roast pork, stuffing and fish.

Gourmet idea:

Have you tested the garlic puree? A head of garlic to boil 20 min in ½ liter of water, a tablespoon of olive oil, two pinches of salt and voila! A feast spread on toast as an appetizer.


135 kcal / 100g. Garlic, high energy, contains only 64% water. It contains vitamins A, B1, B6 and C, as well as trace elements (manganese, silicon, cobalt, sulfur).

Some synonyms for the word "garlic" to shine in society ...

It is also called "common garlic", "ordinary garlic", "capon", "vegetable garlic" "garlic grown", "theriac the poor."