Fruit Trees in the garden

Fruit treesin your garden may be useful sources of pollution-free and ecologically clean fruit, and they can be the decor of your house.

What is necessary to have strong productive trees in the garden? You should create favorable conditions for their vital needs.

Follow the rules which will help you to grow a garden of full value.

1. You should choose the kinds of fruit trees for your garden according to the climate zone conditions of your region. There are different climate zones in our country: cold severe winters with little snow in one place and milder winters because of much snow in another region. The southern regions also differ in the number of sunny days in the year, fall-out, wind strength. You need to define which climate zone you live in. The United States Department of Agriculture has worked out maps of climate zones with the indication of average annual temperature. The country is divided into 9 climate zones that define climate peculiarities. Fruit trees of local variety grow and bear fruits better.

2. Garden soil composition is very important. To know its productive capacity means to make analysis of the soil. Take its sample to get it tested in one of the soil laboratories. If recommend, fertilize the soil.

apricot3. Fruit tree variety in your garden will supply your family with environmentally clean and pollution-free fruit. Choose those kinds of fruit trees that will satisfy your taste. Crabapple, cherry, apricot, quince trees can grow in the gardens of northern and middle climate zone. If your garden is located in the southern area, you may plant peach, citrus, nectarine trees, ebony, and pomegranate.

4. While planting fruit trees set the recommended distance between them. Condensed planting prevents root systems of trees and reduces their lightness. Such mistakes cause bad growth of young plants and low the rate of fruit harvest in the future. Dig pits for the saplings according to the specified size of each fruit tree. They need to be nourished according to the standard for each kind of fruit tree. If northern winds dominate in your region, plant more heat-loving trees from the lee side. It protects a fruit tree from bud freezing.

Each year fruit trees need to be cut5. Each year fruit trees need to be cut. It`s done in spring or in autumn. Annual forming pruning is optimal, for making a top of the fruit tree after planting saplings. It means that each branch must get the necessary amount of light. Only then, the tree will fully bear fruit.
Sanitary pruning is necessary to be done during the whole year. Dried-up and dead sprouts should be removed. This prevents the fruit tree sickness in tote. The spot of pruning should be smeared with special proprietary putties.

Renewing pruning is performed in the season of fruit tree pruning. After pruning procedure a tree becomes smaller. Fruit are located more uniformly on the young branches and the rate of perennial fruit tree crop capacity raises. Moreover, fruit trees live and give fruit much longer.

You will be able to cultivate ecologically safe fruit crops if refuse from expensive chemical pesticides and use organic instead, while fighting with fruit tree vermin.

6. Use complex garden protection.

beneficial insects

Piles of litter, fallen leaves, and weed are sources of garden vermin reproduction. That is why a clean garden means healthy fruit trees.

Take away fallen leaves, rotted branches and weed grass in time.
Nourish your fruit trees with organic fertilizers. Organic solution will help you to raise more viable plants.

You may attract helpful insects into your fruit garden and they will exterminate garden vermin.
Chamomile, caraway, dill, fennel, parsley, milfoil, English lavender, coriander, asters of every sort and kind, celery, and golden rod will draw ladybirds, chalcides, hoverflies, and mantis. Those insects which will help you to save and preserve your harvest.

Pay attention to every change concerning the health of your garden. If vermin accumulate, it is necessary to treat it right away. Developers in this field propose biopesticides. Biopesticides are types of pesticides derived from natural materials as animals, plants, bacteria, and certain minerals.. This is a better alternative to using chemicals and reward is an organic and healthier fruit garden.