Electric lawn mower or a gas one Which one should you choose

To mow a lawn you are going to need a lawn mower. Which lawn mower is better a gas one or is an electric lawn mower more practical for use?

During the season “spring summer,” a lawn is mown at least 14 times, making it important to choose a proper lawn mower.

According to the way of its movement, lawn mowers fall into 3 groups:

A lawn mower on wheels that a gardener manually pushes.

There is a manual gas lawn mower or an electric lawn mower (trimmer) that a gardener holds suspended, and moves as he mows a lawn. It has a 2-tact engine which works on gas.

A gas lawn mower or an electric lawn mower trimmer is used for smaller areas. A trimmer mows grass near the curb, around trees, and bushes. You may use it to mow grass under a bench. There are trimmers with fishing lines and a cutting knife.

A self-propelled lawn mower is a powerful machine, operated by a gardener. You may drive a self-propelled lawn mower, sitting on a seat. It’s convenient and easy to operate this machine, since all that you need to do is press a pedal. There are a few razors which rotate horizontally, and are used in a self-propelled lawn mower. A self-propelled lawn mower has detachable equipment that you may use for lawn care.

There’s a new generation of lawn mowers. It’s an electric lawn mower robot. Some owners give them names, joyously watching them work.. The models of electric lawn mower robots may differ in power and height range of the grass to be mown. They may mow the lawns with areas of 250m². Depending on their power, the area of the surface that is mown may reach up to 2000m². This compact, waterproof electric lawn mower robot works well on flat surfaces. A powerful electric lawn mower robot may work on both a flat and an inclined plane. It’s equipped with various sensors as well as an antitheft device.

According to the power source, lawn mowers fall into the following categories:

A mechanical lawn mower.

This is a rather small and simple lawn mower that works from the physical effort of a gardener. It may be used at smaller areas.

An electric lawn mower An electric lawn mower

An electric lawn mower is used for bigger spaces. An Electric lawn mower has a limited circle of action as it depends on the source of power. This is an ecological machine that is easy to operate and works for unlimited amount of time. An electric lawn mower may be a trimmer or a self-propelled lawn mower.

Different types of accumulators are used in a self-propelled and electric lawn mower-robot: lithium-ionic accumulators, reducing the weight of a lawn-mower, and cheaper ones lead-acid.

There are trimmers with accumulators.

An electric lawn mower works quietly and doesn’t pollute the environment. You may mow a lawn and enjoy the fresh air and listen to the birds singing.

Gas lawn mowers.

Gas lawn mowers It’s better to use gas lawn mowers for mowing large lawns. Usually they are equipped with a 2- or 4-tact inner combustion engine. Gas lawn-mowers are powerful machines, which may service not only flat surfaces but also slopes. They do a quality job of mowing grass at a set level. Gas lawn mower may easily mow a lawn of any density, even outgrown grass. The difference between a gas lawn mower and an electric lawn mower is in their weight, the wheel size, and the width of the mown strip. The bigger its area, the wider the mowing surface of the lawn mower.

Gas lawn mowers differ in their power and require technical maintenance of the engine.

There are even more powerful mower-trailers, which are attached to a tractor. They mow grass in large areas, such as golf fields.

Tips on choosing lawn mowers

Tips on choosing lawn mowers

It’s better to opt for a lawn mower with additional detachable equipment.

To mow a lawn with a design effect, use a lawn mower with a cylindrical mechanism.

If you need to mow a lawn where trees grow, 3-wheeled lawn mowers will do the job just fine.

When buying a trimmer, it’s better to opt for one with a detachable handle. That will allow for the mowing of grass under benches or bushes.

When choosing a lawn mower, pay attention to the speed of mowing and the range of grass regulation, and grass mulching.

An electric lawn mower It’s easier to mow hard grass with a self-propelled lawn-mower that has a lead-acid accumulator because this mower is heavier.

If the engine is located at the back of a self-propelled lawn-mower, there’s an advantage in good observation, while lawn mowers with a front engine location are more powerful. Additionally, a self-propelled lawn-mower with a hydrostatic drive is easier in maintenance.

A self-propelled electric lawn mower weighs less than a gas lawn mower. Thanks to this, it is more compact and allows for the availability of additional functions. However, in a prolonged work session, an electric lawn mower needs a break to cool the engine.