Drought Tolerant Plants

It is a widely known fact that if you want to conserve water in your garden, you should plantdrought tolerantsorts offlowers. They need regular watering during the first year of their establishing in the garden. After that they need nothing else but the rain the nature provides them with. Only a skilled gardener can help theseplantsduring the start of their lives; you should keep weeds under control and prepare the soil. Your entire garden can be made ofdough tolerant flowersor only the front part of it. In any case, you can forget about watering and your garden is going to look great!

Water conservation is the only one of those numerous reasons whydrought tolerant plantsshould be in the garden. Many of their species are long blooming and have excellent, long-lastingflowersand leaves. These herbs are very fragrant and attract butterflies or bees.

So, if you are already tired from a constant watering routine, you are welcome to find out more aboutdrought tolerant flowers. These tips are going to help you in making your garden more attractive without additional efforts.

TIP # 1

Drought Tolerant PlantsYou can try to plan your garden in such a way that yourplantswill be placed with those, which have similar requirements. You should create a low watering zone in your garden. Site the species you have very carefully. Adrought tolerantflower can die or flop in the soil that is too rich, has inadequate drainage and is heavily fertilized. You should be very careful in choosing the place for your plant.

Try to prepare everything beforehand, otherwise, you will not succeed. Only the combination of wet and cold can be perfect for Mediterraneandrought tolerant plants. Water-logged soil and extreme cold can kill them. Drainage is very important for adrought tolerantplant.

TIP # 2

Drought PlantsBefore you plant, amend the soil with good organic matter. In case the soil is too heavy, amend it with pea gravel or grit. It will help to improve drainage. Always substitute ground covers in those areas, where it can be very difficult to grow turf. These can be various shady areas and narrow parts of the garden.

Always remember thatdrought tolerant plantsshould be spaced in a proper way. There shouldn’t be any competition between the species, as the root space, nutrients and water are the things that become very vital for them.

TIP # 3

Drought resistantYou should always think about watering. As this process takes some time, it should be done wisely. The optimal time for watering is morning, because this is the time when there is no heat and, so, you can minimize the evaporation.
Never water the garden after a heavy rain. The most efficient way of plant watering is the one at its base.

TIP #4

Watering plantsWatering should be deep, but frequent. Water should reach the roots of the plant. Never try to water species, when they do not need that. If you need to check the ground, stick a trowel into the ground. You will see whether the soil is moist or not.

Searching for additional ways to retain moisture in the garden, you can try to mulch it, thus suppressing weeds. Shredded leaves and pine bark are the best variants. When spring comes, weed your garden frequently. Do not try to tackle all the weeds at once, as they compete withdrought tolerant flowersfor nutrients and water in your garden.

TIP # 5

It usually takes two years for a plant to establish its roots. When one year passes, you should consider the conditions of the soil before you start watering. Never fertilize a water stressed plant, because salts that fertilizers contain can burn or weaken the roots.
You can have a great time designing your garden withdrought tolerantherbs. As they come in many colors and shapes, it won’t be difficult to feel the freedom of choice and pick the one you liked the most.