Christmas poinsettia - How to renew poinsettia bloom next year

Christmas Poinsettia is short-day plant. If you want her poinsettia to bloom again, you have to replant it in the spring and at the same time cutting it back strongly. So bring on new shoots, and of them selects 3-4 of the most powerful and removes the rest. In summer you can still bury the pot in a warm place in the garden, but it must fit with water and fertilizer, which is applied at least once a week. In late August pinches top of the shoots, and in early October begins 'short day treatment'.

The poinsettia would only flourish if given a period when daylight is limited to 10 hours a day, and therefore we must now for four weeks placing the plant in absolute darkness for 14 hours of every day. And you should not think that 'it is enough' if you do not abide by the rules. Is dark time too short or the plants just the tiniest flash of light in this time, you should not assume that they bloom. If successful, they will return bloom beautifully in December!

One can easily get a poinsettia to survive the summer, but it is difficult and therefore interesting - to get it flower again.

Advice on care

Water and fertilizer

Poinsettia thrives if given the water that keeps the room temperature. During flowering, the soil kept evenly moist - later watered less, and in winter sparingly.

If you want to keep the plant, it should be pretty much fertilizer in the summer, at least once a week. In winter, it does not need to have a fertilizer.

Poinsettia can be propagated by cuttings, which is cut in the summer. They bleed latex and must be immediately put in temperate water. Once the bleeding has stopped, stuck in moist peat and be warm under a plastic bag with ventilation holes.

Light and temperature

Poinsettia thrives at room temperature. Do they get too hot, bleached high leaves, and the opposite is high leaves darken if the temperature is lowered to 14-15 C. In summer poinsettia easily be outdoors on a warm and sunny spot in the garden or on a balcony.

Soil and transplanting

Poinsettia transplanted in the spring when the rest period is over. You shake the old soil of potted clump and replant in a larger pot with standard soil mixed with peat and coarse sand.

Even if you do not get Christmas poinsettia in bloom again the second year, you have it, it can still develop into a beautiful plant, as long as you pinch it at the top so that it becomes dense and bushy.