Building a pond by hand

If you decidedtobuildapond, first choose a location and decide what it will be used for. There are ponds for fish-rearing, Koi ponds, ponds for a water garden; it is also possible to set up a decorativegarden pond. Depending on the kind of gardenpond, you install the equipment for pond servicing. Koi ponds have a big capacity with no less than 1000 liters, as it is necessary to create a biological environment for the normal development and life of the flora and fauna there.

A smallgardenpondcan be built by hand. It is fairly easy.

Where can you build a pond?

At first, you need to choose a space in the garden. A gardenpondshould blend in with the surrounding landscape of the garden. It will be aesthetically beautiful, and the surrounding trees and bushes will look natural as the background of the pond. A pond near the enclosure, near the house, or against a background of beds will look not as attractive.

A gardenpondattracts the eyes of people. It is better to make a small pond where it will stand out against a background of plants by means of isolation. You canbuildapondclose to the garden path, a distance from the house. When thegardenpondis comfortably placed, you should be able to admire it from the window. The pond will look beautiful in an open space surrounded by vegetation.

Building agardenpondclose to trees and bushes is not practical. When you are digging a ditch, you can damage the roots of trees and bushes. During development, deciduous leaves and decompose will fallinto the pond. It degrades the quality of water and increases growth of microphytic algae.

How do you choose a pond design?

How do you choose a pond design?When the location for the pond is chosen, start creating aponddesign surrounded by plants. The choice of the pond outline depends on its size and style.

Classical style of pond design provides for some rules:

Ponddesigndemands regular shapes.

Framing of a pond is done with stones or slabs.

The level of thegardenpondshould be leveled with the ground surface.

When decorating water, the surface should match thepondplantssuch as oxygenators or water lilies.

The classical style of aponddesigngoes with the classical style of a garden.

It is possible to use free style of pond design:

Free shaped pond can be made in a small area.

Free shaped pond

When projecting a smallgardenpond, created simple outlines. It is possible to make it oval, teardrop-shaped, quadrangular with rounded angles, oblong.

In order to build a pond, you should choose a material.

Framing of the pond’s contours plays an important aesthetic role. Ponddesignis based on the fact that its shores will be framed in stones or sandbank. It makes a natural view.

Special attention should be given to plants. Visualize thepondplants. In a aquatic environment, create conditions for small insects to allow them to rid the water of the undesirable fauna in the pond.

How do you build a pond?

We will tell you howtobuildapondusing a plasticpreformed pond. Such ponds have a stepped form so that containers with water plants can be installed on the upper stage.

At first, set apreformed ponda with its bottom against the ground.

Mark out the pond’s contour on the ground.

You can use a spade or another handling tool.

Slowly fill

Mark the bottom of thepreformed pond. Toeasily get a preformed pond into a hole without a warp, make a pit 6 8in (15-20 cm). In the future, you will fill this opening with sand. Dig out a pit at a depth of the lower contour of the pond. Add 4in (10 cm). Ram the soil.

Scatter the sand and make a sand mattress4in (10 cm) thick, moistened with water and ram sand.

Then, place thepreformed pond. Check its horizontality with a level meter.

Mark a contour of the upper step. Take thepreformed pondout of the ground. In the same manner, dig a pit for an upper step of the pond. Check its horizontality with a level meter. Areas between the ground andpreformed pondshould be filled up with sand moistened with water.

Plants are planted on the shores of the garden pond

This allows the pond to steadily stand without a warp. Slowly fill up thepreformed pondwith water until it is one third full. Gradually fill up the openings between the mold and the ground of the upper step with sand and simultaneously fill up thepreformed pondwith water.

In order to clean the pond, install filters withpondpumps. There are different types and capacities of filters andpondpumps. Everything depends on the pond’s size and the purpose it is built for.

Biological arrangements are used to clean water.

Additionally, the essential airing of water is recommended.In this case, installs fountains usingpond pumps.

Plants are planted on the shores of thegardenpond, and on the upper step, containers withpond plants can be placed.

In order for the ecosystem of a pond to be in equilibrium,you should selectpondplants that restrain the growth of algae and create the pond's microclimate.