Blooming Perennials in Your Garden Make It Full of Spring Colors

You can display a real color show in your garden all year round by planting a number of blooming perennials. Some fall blooming perennial plants such as Autumn Joy Sedum, Baptisia and some of the ornamental grass will provide a great winter interest to your garden or yard, as well as their dried flower / seed heads left in the ground. The neighbouring birds will be happy to find such feed. Perennials like Amsonia and 'Dragon Blood' Sedum will paint your garden with vivid colors as their foliage changes with cooler temperatures.

10 Interesting Fall Blooming Perennials:

Usage Suggestions and Instructions for Care

Toad Lilyis one of the most interesting fall blooming plants. Unique, orchid-like flowers, covered with purple speckles, keep blooming from late September till frosts and thrive even in moist soil and partial shade.

Perennial Garden Mums
Perennial Garden Mums
(Chrysanthemums) are ever-popular blooming perennials for real daisy lovers. No other family of flowering perennial plants is able to demonstrate such an eye-catching color show either in the yard or a garden. Mums number hundred species and color range, from white to pink, purple, yellow, bronze, red and all possible shades or tints.

There are also a few flower types:

•with a single daisy (a central eye `blooms`)

•with decorative, double flowersflower

•pom-pom or quilled flowers

•blooming early in the fall

•blooming in mid- or late season

If you plan to plant several varieties of blooming perennials, it's no problem then to extend their blooming season through early winter. Garden mums are the flowers that require a little care, they may stand well even in severe weather conditions.

Pincushion Flower(Scabiosa) is considered to be the longest blooming perennial that exists in botany; it can bloom all year round in southern yards and gardens. Another its attribute is its flowers: pretty pink or blue across that resemble a pin cushion of a seamstress.

Nippon Daisy(Chrysanthemum nipponicum) is a blooming perennial with a yellow-centered flower cover and white petals. This is a flower of Shasta daisy type.

AnemoneAnemone(Wind Flower/the Japanese anemone) is one of the fall blooming perennials that looks the following way: white or pink daisy-like flowers rise above attractive foliage of wiry and tall stems.

Astersare flowers capable to provide incredibly beautiful color variety in the garden. 'Woods Purple' and 'Woods Pink' produce a combination of these two colors in autumn, while Kalimeris (the Japanese Aster) is a daisy-like flower of gracious blue or double white.

Mum Pacificum
(Ajania, Chrystanthemum pacificum or Leucanthemum pacificum) is a low-growing and spreading blooming perennial, loved for its gloomy, grey-green with silver foliage, and later yellow flowers.

Goldenrod, especially wild goldenrod, is too hardy. It grows well in dry soil and partial shade. In the fall this blooming perennial is covered with golden-yellow flowers. They turn into fluffy white first, and then golden brown after frost. These perennials are used for dried flower arrangements.

Joe Pye Weedis an outstanding and large-growing perennial, as it's 4-6 feet high, and it produces enormous purple flowers. Butterflies just can't miss them. The flower color ranges from dusky purple to many color changes, but it still remains attractive all winter long. Joe Pye Weed will do fine in moist soil and dry gardens.

Autumn Joy Sedumhas got a particular variety of types: cauliflower with pink/red/blue/green flower heads that may fade. The stems of Autumn Joy later become tawny but the seedheads turn blackish-brown in frosty weather. If you don't cut them back, they will catch your eye in the garden all winter long.

Are you still living with your all-year-round landscape? So, choose your own list of blooming perennials to make everybody dizzy.