Basic Principles of Grass Lawn Maintenance

Lawns have lots of benefits, but they can be either the greatest joy or the deepest frustration. Lawn care requires lots of time and effort we usually never have. When you decide to have a lawn at your place, make sure you are ready to face both problems and benefits.

Choosing Proper Mower for Your Lawn

Lawn care is not an easy thing to cope with. There are many steps you should ensure that your lawn stays inviting and green. The choice of a mower for your lawn is the 1st step. The right device helps its owner to make a good looking and healthy lawn area. Grass should be long to prevent roots from starvation, but it also should be short to keep its attractiveness. The optimal way out is to cut the grass frequently. Doing this, you eradicate coarser grass and leaves. You encourage stronger growth and reduce weeds.

Motor cylinder mover for your lawn is the commonest type of mowers. It comes with three basic types electrics, battery and petrol. If you choose a petrol mower for your lawn, you should know that this machine is powerful and free from any cords. Electric cylinder mowers are optimal for small areas for your lawn. Battery mowers are better for smaller lawns.

Cylinders devices provide the best result that is why they are expensive. The machines characterized by stripped effect, the grass cut cleanly without any ripping.

Choosing Proper Mower For Your Lawn

Rotary mowers for your lawn are very popular. However they never provide the immaculate cut, they are simple in usage and make the whole process quick enough. They are chosen for their possibility to cope with wet or long grass greatly. Lawn care becomes very convenient when rotary mowers are used. These mowers also cut tough grass and weeds better then cylinder ones. Rotary mowers can be electric and petrol. Petrol mowers are powerful and free from any cords.

Another type of mowers for your lawn is hover. Their basic pro is their lightness, and that makes them simpler in usage. Their performance is similar to rotary mowers, and they come in two types. Petrol mowers for your lawn are much more powerful.

Manual mowers for your lawn are very cheap, and it makes them popular. Their second advantage is their friendliness to environment. These mowers provide a good cut, but they are not suitable for small areas.

Organic Lawn Care and Lawn Irrigation

Lawns are not a decoration; they produce oxygen, absorb sound, trap dust, prevent soil from fight pollution and eroding. Right lawn care brings more than you think, and a proper landscape is worth an effort.


Recently, organic care of lawns has made a huge splash. There are great advantages in pursuing a natural way of perfect lawn growth.Lawn irrigation is one of the advantages. Efficient irrigation is significant to owners, because they want both to conserve water and to maintain a healthy lawn. More water should be used during the summer months, because grass is not tolerant during dry months. If you refuse from lawn irrigation, your lawn will become brown in a month.

The amount of water for lawn irrigation greatly depends on the type of soil and wetness. The optimal method is to wet the soil down to a depth of 6 inches. In case soil is too dry, it takes ½ inch of water in order to wet down.

There are several aspects to consider in lawn irrigation:

• Determine how much water is needed;

• Water should not run off the surface forming puddles, because it leads to low water efficiency and distribution;

• It is better to keep long intervals between lawn irrigations.

The basic things you should remember are that lawn irrigation, as well as the choice of mower for your lawn, are the top tasks you should cope with if you intend to have healthy and beautiful grass.