Aphid Midge

Their size is no indication of their

Power: The orange larvae of the tiny

Aphid midge can protect your garden from more than 60 aphid species.

Patrol Route Aphid Midge

Aphid midges are common throughout

North America; they’re also sold commercially. Good Deed

Larvae paralyze aphids with toxic saliva, then suck their body fluids.


Adults are delicate, long-legged flies, 1?16 inch long. They are active at night. Larvae are orange maggots up to 1?8 inch long.

Eggs are minute orange ovals.

Getting Them on Your Side

` Plant pollen and nectar plants to attract adults.

` Shelter the garden from strong winds with a windbreak.

` Provide a source of water in dry weather.

` To supplement native aphid midge populations, purchase 200 to 300 cocoons for a small garden, orchard, or greenhouse; for larger areas, elease 3 to 5 cocoons per plant or 5 to 10 per orchard tree.

Aphid Midge