Shade Tolerant Plants

For the majority of gardeners a shadowy garden is a huge challenge and they are sure there is noflowerthat could survive there, but what about shade-tolerantflowers? There are a lot of plants which like sunlight, but there are also those that amaze with their bloom in the shade. Forshade tolerantplants space, temperature or sunlight limitation is not a problem at all. They have adapted to the conditions.

The following information is for the gardeners, who used toplantseeds, cuttings and bulbs and had nothing in return. If your garden is shady, view the top ten ofshady tolerantflowers and pick a few for your place.


HELLEBORE It is also a Christmas rose. Thisplantis creamy white with green, some flowers have pink and mauve colors. Hellebore lives for three months and then dies back, it puts out new and rather attractive leaves, so that the garden does not look bare in winter.
When harvesting the seeds, you need to be very careful. Wait until the time the seed pots become dry and shake them into a container or collect from the ground.


HOSTAThisshade tolerantfloweris a perennial with very large leaves, which are in a shape of a heart. Its leaves are of different shades and forms. Some leaves are bubbled. This is theshade tolerant flower, which prefers a full shadow and is popular because of its ability to spread. Hosta blooms in summer with narrow tubular flowers, which are very aromatic. Hosta needs water during the hot months.


WOOD HYACINTHThis is ashade tolerantbulb which prefers light shade and grows very well if it is placed under the trees. It has tiny flowers in a shape of a bell, which appear in spring. Its flowers are of different colors light blue or white, pink and violet. Be careful with wood hyacinths, because they are poisonous and usually cause skin irritation, if someone with sensitive skin touches them. This sort ofshade tolerantplants is spread in the United Kingdom and the northern parts of the USA.


CORAL BELLSThese flowers resemble the foliage of geraniums. They produce spikes that are covered with white, pink ot red flowers. Thisshade tolerantperennial is easy to grow. This is the reason that makes people choose thisplantfor their gardens.


LILY OF THE VALLEYThisshade tolerantflowerenjoys both full and partial shade. Its leaves are sword shaped and the flowers are of a white color. Theplantis called Mary’s tears and it is poisonous, but its flowers are very aromatic.


WHITE TRILLIUMThese species come from the eastern areas of the USA. White trillium prefers shade and drained soil. Its leaves are broad and thefloweris white at the beginning. Then it gets pink and red as it ages. These flowers bloom in June.


FOXGLOVEIt is called Digitalis. It is a tallshade tolerant plantand is very attractive for dry shade. Foxglove forms a rosette of leaves, which usually low to the soil during the 1st year and then they are sending up the flowers. These plants are very often reseed and in 2 years you have foxgloves blooming in all the shadowy corners of your garden or yard. These flowers attract hummingbirds and are poisonous.


BLEEDING HEARTIt is mainly a cottage garden. This perennial is bushy and it produces small blooms, which are of the heart shape. The flowers bloom in spring and are very attractive.


BRUNNERAThese flowers grow in shade. They are small and are of blue color. They grow very slowly and do not require frequent division, forming large clumps.

If you wish to see the bloom of Brunnera, you should avoid browning at the edges of the plant’s leaves.

Theseshade tolerantflowers will bring you much joy and make your garden shine, exciting the jealousy of the visitors.