8 Important and Fascinating Facts about Pine Trees

You Would Have Never Guessed Right

1. Pines are evergreen coniferous trees that can be found throughout the world

2. Their needles are considered to be the so-shaped leaves.

3. They live long to the age of 100 years old or more.

4. There are about 100 or so species of pines worldwide.

5. Pines trees are valuable for their timber and wood pulp production.

6. Pine trees prefer much straight sun but require little water during their full grown stages.

7. Pine cones are produced for propagation of species.

8. Pine seeds from the cones are loved by such wildlife creatures as birds and squirrels which then spread seed leftovers throughout. This is how a new pine tree appears.

Moreover, pine trees look amazingly attractive in the winter landscape as their green or dark green needles contrast sharply with white and dull winter landscape. Many people like pine trees for their pleasant smell.

At last, pine beauties are commercially and individually used as Christmas decorations. The cones, pine branches, boughs and trees are all distinctive attributes and accessories for New Year and Christmas.

Pine trees belong to the genus Pinus, and the only way to identify them is to observe the number of needles in a bundle (fascicle).

6 Most Known Pine Tree Species

Loblolly Pine Shade Tree 1. Loblolly Pine Shade Treeis a very fast growing tree that provides an excellent source of food for wildlife. Songbirds love to make their nests in its high branches. Squirrels like to gather up the pine nuts that fall from the pine. Deer and rabbits also get healthy nutrition from a Loblolly Pine. Loblolly Pine Tree is very tall, grows very quickly and, like many other pines, is a valuable source of lumber.

2. Long Leaf Pine has long needles. Seed cones of this pine tree grow almost twenty months to become mature but in 5-10 years the pine rapidly develops a tree-like vertical appearance. In comparison with other pines, longleaf pine seeds are larger and favored by squirrels and birds. Long Leaf Pine Tree is the most widely known tree of shade tolerance in ancient American forests. It grows to the age of 300 years. Traditionally, the historical "yellow leaf pine" that was used to build city and rural houses is known today as Long Leaf Pine Tree.

Sonderegger Pine3. Sonderegger Pine (Bastard Pine) is a hybrid species received by crossing of Loblolly and Longleaf pines. Bastard Pine differs from Longleaf Pine by a striped brown and green bud. Sonderegger Pine has taken all the best from each parent: it grows tall quickly (like Loblolly pine) and produces very long needles and large cones (like Longleaf pine). Sonderegger Pine is a more vigorous tree than any other one, and that makes it an excellent landscape windbreaker and a bird nest provider.

4. Mugo Pineis a very cold hardy shrub-like pine tree, it keeps growing only up to 10 feet. The needles of this pine tree remain on the tree for 4 years and hold to it, making it good for animal nesting and bird hiding amongst the green needles. These trees need full sun, but in the Swiss Alps Mugo Pine are not damaged by sub-zero temperature. Generally Mugo species have some shade tolerance unlike other pine trees. Because of this, a great hiding place for wildlife is easily provided under lower branches.

5. Slash Pineis a valuable fast growing tree (it's important for lumber production). It has smaller cones and needles than Longleaf species, but larger ones than those of Loblolly Pine tree. This Slash pine prefers humid climate, its cones are very sharp in order to protect the seeds from turkeys and squirrels.

White Pine6. White Pineis the tallest tree, and some huge specimens are up to 100 ft. tall. Due to long and straight trunks, the British Navy used White Pines as ship-masts. The limbs do not normally grow from the tree bottom, so the pine wood is extremely knot-free. White Pine Tree needles exist in bundles of 5 and can grow up to 5 inches long. This Pine tree is known as "Virginia Pine" or "Eastern White Pine", too. The tree trunk can be up to 4 ft. across and may have long pine cones of 8 in. length. This large pine possesses a great shade that will certainly attract all sorts of wildlife.

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