7 Ways Of Natural Pest Controls

We all know that we spend lot of money buying different pesticides to protect the garden, butpest controlsremain a problem. Don’t you think that naturalpest controlsare less expensive, less harmful and more effective? Making a garden their home place, manypestsbring lots of differentdiseaseswith them. When we start searching for the sources ofdiseases, we find it hard to believe that gardenpestsare so dangerous.
Searching for the new ways to prevent the damage, you should discourage them from coming. But in case that has already happened, you should know the basic rules of coping with them.

# 1Way

Pest ControlsMix a tablespoon of canola oil and ivory soap with water. Shake the mixture and pour into a bottle with a spray. You can spray the plant and its leaves. Oil smothers all thepests. You can also use another remedy, which is called a milky spore. You should spread the granules on the soil. They contact thediseasesand kill them. This remedy affects only grubs and leaves - all the needed and beneficial organisms are unharmed. They say that only one treatment can last for 40 days.

# 2 Way

You should sprinkle the diatomaceous earth over the plants and around the flowerbeds. These particles are very small, but they are sharp and are considered to be very harmful for small insects and snails. They do not have any immune reaction to this mechanical killer.
Mix two tablespoons of soda and water. You can also spray it in affected areas and in a few days all the problems will disappear. Mixing milk and water, you will destroy the disease.

# 3 Way

disease and pest gardenIfpest controlsare necessary for fruit trees, you should spray dormant oil and lime sulfur on the trunks and branches of the tree. This will suffocate the eggs of thepests. You will need a pump sprayer, which is rather inexpensive. You should use this method while the fruit trees are dormant, because if they are not, it can kill them.

# 4 Way

The main focus should be made on large areas of the garden. Search for some trouble part of the lawn. There are many plants that attract insects and they usually grow in places where you entertain your guests or family. It is a source of differentdiseases. You should create a perimeter and group thepest controlsflowers or surround them. Fight leaf-eating insects.

# 5 Way

bring ladybugsYou have to plant colorful daisy family members and bring ladybugs. They love to munch on aphids or mites, which destroy gardens. Get asters and black-eyed Susans. Lacewings are very attracted to these pink and yellow flowers, and they are aphid eaters.

If you have Mexican marigold, you need to know that it repels adds and moles and gives off the fragrance that keeps mosquitoes away. Tall and yellow sunflowers always attract pirate bugs that eat white flies.

# 6 Way

non-toxic pest controlsIf you are in search of non-toxicpest controls, you should use garlic fire spray. It contains garlic and soap, chili peppers, some vegetable oil, water and kerosene. Depending on the strength of the spray, it kills ants and dragons.

You can experiment with it and find out if the mixture damages the plants. In case it fixes the problem you have, you receive a perfect way ofpest controlsand disease prevention. If it is used for a natural garden, thispest controlssolution is unlimited. It kills not only ants, grubs and bugs, but also ladybugs, bees and lacewings.

# 7 Way

Fish FertilizerFish Fertilizer is a very popular way ofpest controlsamong farmers and orchardists. When this sort of treatment is spread,pestsdie. Butterflies do not hang around breeding caterpillars, so they do not get hurt. This is a nicepest controlsalternative.
With the help ofpest controls, you can cope with any problem the garden has. Forget about all thediseasesand insects that ruin your life.