Rock Garden

Having arock garden, you always need to search for new ideas ofplantsmaintenance. Today such gardens are especially popular, because they can bring some certain peaceful atmosphere into your routine. Many people enjoyrocksand lots of others would like to experiment with them. No matter what type you belong to, these simple steps will help you to become a professional.

STEP # 1

rock gardenBefore arranging your ownrock garden, select the plant which can stand the conditions and will create a certain color scheme. The use of color schemes is very important, but you should remember that every plant has its own growing requirements, which must be taken into consideration. The choice of the color scheme cannot be single minded as in the world of art.

STEP # 2

rock gardensDrainage is one of the necessary growing requirements. If you wish the specimens for therock garden, which can grow well when water percolates through the soil, do not add those that prefer wet soil. You should group together thoseplants, which have similar growing requirements. There is plenty of work to do to get both for arock garden: theplantsthat can grow together and can be of the proper color scheme.

STEP # 3

Rock GardenSurely drainage is one of the important considerations, but you should think of the light requirements and the needed water. Thriving in the full sun, the plant will be compatible with others and with the spot ofrocksyou have chosen for them. The majority chooses drought tolerantplantsand makes a kind of an exception for some handsome species, which usually belong to annuals.

STEP # 4

plant for a rock garden The choice of the plant for arock gardenis a great responsibility. So what should the flowers be? They should fit the design withrocksand create a sort of a color scheme. You must choose those, which prefer a sunny area and good drainage.
Being in the garden store, avoid the temptation to purchase different species you see there. Try to stick to the theme, which you have chosen before. If you pick a lot of various flowers, they can make yourrock gardenlook very busy. Two or three differentplantsfor the rocks is enough.

Step # 5

Focus on the foliage of therocks. A plant can die, but the foliage is the thing that serves as a basis of the whole composition. Try to think of the garden not only during the seasons of bloom spring and summer, but also during the fall. It is a compromise. You can choose intensive blooming flowers and add some annuals of the mix.
Lay the stones in such a way that there is some room for planting around the perimeter of the layer. It provides you with additional planting space. If you select three basic species, you create arock gardenin a form of a triangle, where each of the types can be a separate part. You can add some otherplants, which can radiate from the corners of the triangle.

STEP # 6

Focus on the foliage of the rocks

While planting you can experiment and add more stones to yourrock garden. This will create a certain mass ofrockswhich have the planting popping here and there. In case you do not want to add stones, you can insert a plant and make a sort of a crack around it. In any case, you can always change your mind and move the stone back.
This creates a kind of a balance between the stones and planting, and when you are aiming to cover the area with stones and flowers, it is the best way.

STEP # 7

Mulching Mulching can become your helping hand on the way to a marvelousrock garden, but it is a huge dilemma. A good gardener wants to suppress the number of weeds, but widely used mulches can look out of the place in the garden. You can strive for stone mulches, which color resembles the one of the stones in the garden.

Following all the steps, you will have a wonderfulrock garden, which will become a resting area for your family. Good luck!