Effective Tips on Care for Heather Plants

Heather plantsare robust colorful evergreen branching shrubs from Magnoliopsida class grown in the areas of the Northern Hemisphere, even in Siberia. They are extremely beneficial, as they need very little care. They are really low-maintenance plants however present a real feast of vibrant colors for eyes during their prolonged flowering period from July to November. When blooming, these shrubs reveal a vast range of colors in charming heather flowers of white, pink, purple, red, lavender, amethyst, copper, bronze, and silver. A skillful gardener can arrange different kinds of heather plants so that it will be sheer pleasure to enjoy the natural palette of heather blossom from the middle of summer until late fall. There are also winterheather plants. Winter types are lower and spreading. They can grow as ground covers, in rockeries and containers.

Popular kinds of heather plants includeItalian heatherorDarley heather, for example. It has a bushy shape with plenty of tiny, pink bell-shaped flowers. This heather is a very good variant of an edging plant and it is often grows in rock gardens.Mexican heatheris sturdy shrub and looks delicately with clusters of tiny white, pink or purple flowers blooming even all year round in mild climates.

Planting Heather

1.Locate the right planting spot. This shrub needs sun, so the spot should be 4-6 hours per day sun exposed, even at winter time.

2.Heather plantsneed mildly acidic soil with sufficient drainage because they do not tolerate continual wetness. Soil with mix peat moss and compost with addition of non-burning fertilizer is the right choice. Loam and course sand can be added to the planting soil as well.

Planting Heather

3.They can be planted any season if the soil is not frozen. However, better plan the planting time for spring to let the roots strengthen before flowering period.Heather plantsalso need protection against cold and strong winter winds.

4.When planting heather, prepare the hole before removing it from the container. Some compost added to the ground around theplantwill keep the soil moist and cool.

5.How deep to plant heather into the ground? The root-ball should be the same level with the soil surface. After planting firm the soil around the plant and water it.

6.Do the watering twice a week for a few months but try not to over water. Over moistening of soil can lead to theplant’s death.

Heather Plant Care Guide

1. Heather plants need little maintenance andcare. They love sun and need a protection from strong winter winds. Shelter them by windbreaks during wintertime.

2. Provide heather with enough growing space. Your heather may reach a foot high and about the same or more across. Some Heather plantscan grow up to twenty inches tall and three feet wide.

3. Pruningheather plantsimmediately after their flowering is over, will guarantee more blooming the next year.

Heather Plant Care

4.Pruning or shearing can be performed in early spring to remove winter damage.

5. Carefor your shrub with the right fertilizer. Poor growth and dim color of the leaves are the signs indicating that your heather needs feeding. Fertilizers for acid-lovingplants, for example, Rhododendron fertilizing in late winter or late spring will beneficially support your shrubs before their active period of growth and flowering. A fertilizer should be applied at the plant’s drip-line and watered afterwards.

So what makes heather plants so popular? The answer is evident. Whether you want an ornamental shrub or ground cover, with heather you get a beautiful shrub to complement your garden with just a little care needed.