Heather Plants

Aheather plantblooms in late summer and it is usually of a purple or mauve shade, if it is a wild type. The flower’s cultivar comes in white, purple, red and pink colors. Theseplantsbloom from July to late November. Many of them remain brown in winter.

The home of theseplantsis Asia and Europe. When planted well, shrubs thrive with some fertilizer in near-drought conditions. Having such a beautiful plant in thegarden, you will be provided with the displays of color from leaves to flowers all year round.

Caring for theseplantsis also very important. As any other flowers, these ones need special condition and placement.


Heather Plants	 As the plant is native to northern and western Europe, it blooms in cold weather and in rocky and marginal soil. It does not thrive in hot summer weather. Aheather plantcan survive in salt spray, which is ideal for hillsides. Theplantsdo pretty well with dwarf trees.

Aheather plantneeds 5 hours of sunlight. The best location is where the plant gets about 6 hours of sunlight. The greater amount of warmth it gets is, the more beautiful and bright the colors of the flowers and leaves are. If there is too little sun, the plant becomes leggy and has dull colors.


In case you make up your mind to plant aheather plant, you should take into consideration the space the flower is going to consume. In average, the plant grows about 40 centimeters tall and 3 feet wide. When you wish to have aheather plantin thegarden, you need to plant it three feet from other flowers. This results in pruning and shape.

Heather plants grow together very quickly and carpet the ground. When you wish to define the number ofplantsyou need, multiple the square foot of thegardenby 0.44. This plant always needs enough place to breathe. So, you should avoid those areas, where heathers are subjected to harsh winds.


All the heathers should be planted either in autumn or in spring. Any of the planting ways is suitable for aheather plant division, seed, cutting, and layering. Before planting you should dig holes, which must be twice as wide as the root ball. In this way you will encourage rapid growth of the plant.

Much depends on the choice of the plant, as it can flower between July and November. When you wish to have bushy plants in the garden, give them a yearly shearing. You should do that in spring before the buds are set.


Having planted aheather plant, water it twice a week during the first months. In two years the plant will be drought-proof and will surely take care of itself. Try not to overwater theplants. When the ground is wet, the plant won't grow and will die.


A heather plant is rather sensitive to fertilizersAheather plantis rather sensitive to fertilizers, so you should be very careful with them. When you had planted them, you should use any acid-type fertilizer like rhododendron. This is the only time fertilization is needed. After that the plant does not need fertilization, because that can cause harm.


Anyheather plantis a hardy plant. Having grown together, heathers create a very thick carpet, which is impenetrable to any sorts of weeds. Being a gardener, you shouldn't worry about weeding during the 1st year of the plant’s life in thegarden. Being resistant to botanic diseases and infestation of insects, heather plants become a very good choice. The only thing to worry about is the phytophthora a common root disease, but with the use of chemicals it is kept under control.

Aheather plantis perfect for yourgardenand small winter arrangements. It is always the best choice for a good gardener.