5 Stunning Drought Tolerant Shrubs

Drought tolerant shrubs, including flowering shrubs and evergreen shrubs, are a perfect choice for gardens in the areas with dry climate.

Drought tolerant shrubs are great choice where lack of irrigation or where water conservation is an essential issue. Being low-maintenance plants drought tolerant shrubs remain a very attractive type of plats.

They present a gardener with a variety of rich colors, refinement of blossom fragrance, high functionality serving as hedges, and as wonderful garden decoration. Whichdrought tolerant shrubswill turn out to be advantageous for your garden requiring just a minimum of your care at the same time?


Lilacflowering shrubis a graceful adornment for any garden. It is a slow-growing flowering shrub with green-blue or gray-green leaves, purple flowers blooming between April and May. Beautiful blossom will provide color and fragrance and, when grown, tall lilac flowering shrub will turn into a wonderful privacy fence. Lilac can grow from 12 to 15 feet tall and from 6 to 12 feet wide. Being adrought tolerant shrub,lilac survives easily in many soil types and doesn't need gardener’s close attention except pruning it at times to keep it more compact.


Barberry (Berberis) is an evergreen shrub with thorns and yellow or orange flowers turning into red berries used in many recipes. It can be planted for the purpose of security hedge to scare away unwanted guests from your property. Growing between 5-7 feet tall and about the same size wide enables thesedrought tolerant shrubsperfectly perform their protective function. Besides, after blooming, the evergreen shrub can be pruned to make it look neater and more compact.


Barberry is so easy to grow that it may grow by itself. These drought resistant shrubs require sufficient sun and dry soil. They are also disease and pollution resistant.

There are different kinds of Barberry like Rose Glow Barberry, Crimson Pygmy Barberry, Golden Barberry and others.



Yuccaevergreen shrubs, also called Adam’s needles, are featured drought tolerant shrubs widely used as ornamental plants in gardens. They are definitely striking and picturesque plants due to their rosettes of tough sword-like spiky leaves, upright flower stems with clusters of numerous creamy white flowers. Some kinds of Yucca evergreen shrubs have green leaves lined with cream or yellow color that make them look quite impressive. Yucca shrubs display colorful leaves all year round. They are considered asdrought tolerant shrubsbecause they are grown in the areas of hot and arid climate.


Spiraea shrubs

Spiraea shrubs aredrought tolerant shrubsthat used for hedges, shrub border and mass plantings for many years. They grow in the Northern Hemisphere. There are over 70 species of spiraea. Blue Mist Spirea, for example, is one of fewflowering shrubswith truly blue flowers. Other kinds of spiraea have flowers with a color range from white to crimson. Spiraea needs well drained soils and is considered to be a low-maintenance shrub, because it can grow quite well in poor soils, for example, in big cities. Most Spiraea shrubs need full sun to bloom and grow regularly.

Dwarf Burning Bush

Dwarf Burning Bush

Dwarf Burning Bush has eye-catching colors. Dwarf Burning Bush is very popular because it displays foliage color changes. Emerald green in summer with orange and red berries turn into intense fire-red foliage in autumn. The bush reveals its best colors in full sun. Besides being so vibrant, the bush is very easy to take care of. It is disease-resistant anddrought tolerant plant.

Drought tolerant shrubs don’t have to look unsightly due to the lack of irrigation. Nature took care of this misunderstanding and let the plants growing in arid climates to adjust retaining their peculiarities and striking beauty. The Dwarf Burning Bush is one of the most beautiful of all shrubs that changes color with each season.