10 Useful Hints on how to Plant Fruit Trees

Every gardener faces the question of how to plant fruit trees. If a young plant is planted skillfully, it grows into a healthy and productive tree.

There are some useful hints on how to plant fruit trees.

1. The autumn planting of fruit trees with open roots is done when the leaves begin to fall. This means that the trees have a period of rest. The planting of trees should be concluded no later than three weeks before the frost. It is necessary because young plants should have time to strike root and prepare for the winter. When the temperature is below 41 F (5 C), the roots of a young plant can freeze.

If you plant a fruit tree in the spring, the terms should be also considered. It is important to plant a tree when it is dormant and not fully budding.

How do you plant fruit trees with a closed root system?

1. The planting of fruit trees with a closed root system can be done at any convenient time, regardless of whether the tree is dormant or not.

2. How do you plant fruit trees so that they grow healthy afterwards? You should choose young plants carefully. Examining a young plant it is necessary to observe if the roots are open. The root system should be well-developed, and the roots should have a cream color when cutting. The cut is made straight. It is not recommended to cut small roots if they look healthy. Roots should not have scratches nor warts. Warts indicate that the tree may be sick. The trunk should be smooth with a flat color, and no injuries or scratches. Injured young plants may subsequently be backward. A two-year young plant must have at least three strong laterals. When planting, cover the open roots of the tree from the sun and weather-beating.

how to plant fruit trees 3. How do you plant fruit trees so that they bring regular crops of fruit? The lighting of the tree is very significant. A place for planting a fruit tree should be selected only where the sun will light it for at least 6 hours per day.

How do you plant fruit trees so that they do not die subsequently? For planting fruit trees, the soil with a high level of groundwater is no good. In this case, it is possible to make a soil drainage.

4. A pit for tree planting is dug twice as wide as the width of the roots. The depth is made depending on the length of the roots. It is necessary not to deepen a root collar of the fruit tree.

5. The stake is placed in the middle of the pit for binding to the young tree. The young tree is planted on the northern side of the stake so that the sun doesn’t burn the trunk in hot weather.

6. The soil is fertilized with decomposed organic manure.

7. How do you plant fruit trees and properlyset the root collar on the ground? The root collar is not a place for grafting.

How do you detect where the root collar is?

How do you detect where the root collar is?If you wipe the bottom of the young tree’s trunk with damp fabric near the upper roots, you can see how the green trunk changes color to light brown. This is the location of the root collar.

Usually the place of grafting is located above the root collar.

When planting, the root collar is above the soil level of 1-2inches (2.5 - 5 cm). After puddling, the root collar is raised to the ground level.

8. When planting a tree, the soil is compacted in layers to prevent possible voids.

9. How do you plant fruit trees so that the roots will not rot? The ground level of the around-trunk circle must be the same as the surface of the soil in the garden so that water does not accumulate in the roots.

10. Young tree planting needs abundant watering.

Care for the fruit trees after planting

Young trees are watered 4 - 5 times in the hot season. At the same time, the depth of the penetration of water into the soil is controlled.

The same watering should be done in the next year. Do not direct steam on the root collar when watering. It is desirable that the water falls on the edges of the around-trunk circle. Washing out the soil to the roots is not permissible. The fruit tree planted on the light-textured soil should be watered more frequently, but with less volume. Trees on heavier clay soils are watered less frequently, but more abundantly.

The around-trunk circle is regularly cleared of weeds. It is desirable to mulch it with sawdust in order to maintain steady moisture and prevent weed germination.

Mulch is laid down with a thickness of 3 - 4 inches (7,5-10cm) and by 2 - 3 inches (5 - 7.5 cm) from the trunk to avoid the rotting of the root collar.

Now you know how to plant fruit trees. We wish you good luck in growingfruit trees!