10 Best Flowers Ive Chosen For My Patio

Those, who havepatioswill agree that this is the best resting area in spring and summer. You should spend much time and efforts when searching for new ways todesignyouroutdoorarea. If you don’t have time and are tired of all the landscaping ideas, we can help you to choose the flowers and plants, which will suit your patio in any way.

A good gardener should always consider weather conditions in order to choose suitable plants. You can choose small trees and palms, roses and sunflowers, lupines and daylilies, bamboo and pampas grass. All of them are attractive and can make yourpatiosthe only place, where you can rest after a long day.

Flowers inpatioscan be planted or pottedoutdoor. The best placement for the flowers is a so-called transitional area, which has both direct sunlight and shade periods. This is suitable for the floradesigninpatios.

Mild fertilization and adequate watering, proper planting and essential ingredients will create successfulpatios.
Here are the flowers, which are considered to be the best examples of all the patio plants. They create a beautifuldesignand are chosen by many gardeners.


OLEANDERSearching for bright colors for theirpatios, gardeners choose oleanders. The unique foliage of the flower is stunning and the variety of colors is really impressive. These flowers can be poisonous, so you should make sure there are no kids and pets nearby.


HOSTAIt is a blooming variation, because of its small purple flowers, which never appear until the late season. These flowers have very dramatic leaf shapes and are perfect forpatios. Hosta likes shade and does its best in this area. It grows rather quickly.


DIPLADENIAThis flower is widely chosen for patiodesignas it offers very beautiful blooms (pink and red) and can be attractively displayed in a vine fashion. This plant is perfect for gardening in the climate, which can experience long Indian summer. Dipladenia loves sunlight and should be kept on the open areas of thepatios, where it receives direct sun rays.


LANTANAThis is one of the flowers, which have strong adaptation to the areas that get full sunlight. This is an alternative for a healthy condition on the patio. Thisoutdoorplant can be potted and its colors become certain accessories. By pruning dead blooms very carefully, you will have an intensive blooming season.


HIBISCUSThese are large flowers that come in a great variety of colors white, red, peach, yellow and pink. Different hibiscus flowers make a certain contrast inpatios design. Though the bloom of the flower is amazing, but it lasts for one day only.


IMPATIENTSThese are the best outdoor flowers. You can pot the flowers and place them wherever you want. There is a huge number of sizes of the flower oversized, double and miniature blossoms. The colors are usually white and purple with red stripes between.


GARDENIASThese are luscious plants for the patio area, which have rather fragrant flowers. Gardenias are used in patio accents and landscaping shrubs. When the cool temperature of the evening sets the stage for blooming buds, the flowers thrive the best. These flowers grow better in shadyoutdoorareas.


GERANIUMSIt is not a unique patio flower, but it is very popular due to the fact it can hold any weather conditions. This feature allows theoutdoorflowers to thrive the patio either in sunlight or shade. The color range is versatile coral, pink, red, watermelon, red, salmon and purple.


TIBOUCHINAIt is a very beautiful deep purple flower. Due to its appearance it is one of the eye-popping flowers for the patio. The flower must be well watered, if you want to enjoy its exotic bloom longer. It is better, when during a hot day the flower receives some shade, then it will flourish and thrive.


TIBOUCHINAIt is one of the best flowers for thepatios. Its variety and popularity make the flower one of the easiest one to grow. Jasmine is very attractive and is tolerant to any conditions. There are different species and you can choose several to make your garden amazing.